October 29th, 2007
Went to the Bookstore Last Night

Yesterday dh and I picked up a LOAD of boxes for the move. Uhaul was nice enough to sell us everything that we could possibly need…and MORE. *ggg* After we left there, we went to the office supply store to pick up boxes with handles. They were actually cheaper at the office store than at Uhaul. (Have to have boxes for all of my books.;) Later that evening we found ourselves at the bookstore. I’d planned to pick up the new Ghost Hunting book by Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, but it was sold out. 🙁 Those are the same guys who are on Ghost Hunters Wednesday nights. Yes, I was bummed. To ease my pain, I picked up Once Bitten Twice Shy by Jennifer Rardin and Younger Next Year for Women by Chris Crowley and Henry Lodge. I read the first page of Jennifer’s book and cracked up. Knew I had to have it. As for Younger Next Year, I’m a little ‘young’ for the age group the book is targeting, but it’s got some fantastic info in it for keeping your health as you grow older.

I also picked up a calendar. I do this every year, and every year I have a hard time deciding what to get. This year was no exception. I ended up with a Pema Chodron calendar. She is a Buddhist monk. I thought the combination of fabulous photos and thoughtful sayings worked. It was either that or the New York City Firemen calendar. *wg*. Give you two guesses which one dh thought was more appropriate for ‘our’ office. 😉 LOL!

I’m off to take more notes for my book and pack up the bathroom. Yes, it’s exciting. You can be jealous if you like. *ggg* Does anyone have cool Halloween plans? We aren’t doing anything this year. In the past, we have attended parties, but our social skills are dismal. That probably explains the lack of invitations this year. Snort.

10 comments to “Went to the Bookstore Last Night”

  1. If you really want to inspire envy, post pictures of your kitchen with all of its lovely storage space (my kitchen is tiny, so not much storage). Good luck with the packing and moving.

  2. I’ll have to wait for dh to come home to do that. 🙂

  3. I can’t believe you passed up the NYc firemen calendar. I never would have been able to.

    Have fun packing! Once Bitten looks fun, I read an excerpt somewhere or other. Um, exciting plans…taking care of kids, writing, passing out candy. Woo! I am wild and reckless on holidays!

  4. Charli, My dh would rather have other scenary on the wall. *ggg* Yes, I’m looking forward to digging into Once Bitten. Passing out candy can actually be pretty fun. 🙂

  5. Okay, I just gotta laugh about it…you’re packing up…you needed boxes to contain all your books…and you went to the bookstore for more?

    I love book people, lol!

  6. Raine, Yes, that about sums it up. LOL! 😉

  7. If you keep buying books, you’ll need even more boxes, chica! *LOL*

  8. One question: how big is the TBR box, or boxes? 🙂

  9. Tempest, I do not see the problem. (Blindly looks the other way. 😉

  10. Bernard, That would be ‘boxes’ plural and there are many for the TBR pile. *ggg*