December 25th, 2007
Christmas—and Mourning Henry…an ugly trend ***Spoiler Alert***

Well Christmas is here and I feel blessed. I received so many lovely gifts. This was truly a wonderful holiday. Yesterday, our friends stopped by and fixed us a gourmet meal. We all cooked, sipped wine (and eggnog) and made merry. This morning we woke up and opened a bounty of gifts. Dh signed me up for a twelve week cooking class that starts on Jan. 8th. NO, it wasn’t a hint. LOL! I’ve always wanted to take a cooking class, a real cooking class that walks you through the basics (ie how to make sauces, salads, breads, fish, desserts, etc. also how to saute, grill, stir fry, plan menus, spice distinctions, etc.). This one even teaches knife skills. I can’t wait to begin. Although dh did make me promise to at least try not to cut myself. *g*

Speaking of cuts…I found out that Blood Ties has probably been cancelled, which means no more Henry. I’m really bummed about the news. This is especially true now that I’ve seen the last two episodes online. That’s right, Lifetime TV only aired the last two episodes of Blood Ties online. As if that wasn’t bad enough, they gave it an ending WORSE than Pirates of the Caribbean 3. Yep, you read that right. Worse than the ten year thing. $%#& What were they thinking? And even more importantly, what’s with all the crap endings? Seriously. Who thought (cut away now if you don’t want to read the spoiler) that ending a series with three broken hearts was a good idea? Please tell me. For two seasons Blood Ties has danced around a love triangle. I know that Tanya Huff’s books are different than the series. I’ve read the first one and have the others in my TBR pile. I know the series is not a ‘happy’ romance, yet the show ‘COULD’ have been. BUT NOOOOOOOOOO!!! First they have it to where Henry’s not **cough**dating**cough anyone, then they break his heart. UGH!!! Oh, and not just Henry’s heart. They decided that watching Henry in tears wasn’t quite painful enough. NOOOOOO, we had to make sure the other two characters were heartbroken as well. The series ENDED that way. All three characters alone and in tears. Yeah, that’s a perfect way to end a love story. Why didn’t I think to try that? What other kind of ending could there be? Oh that’s right, a HAPPILY FOR NOW ending. But no, they couldn’t do that because it would’ve made too many viewers happy. You guys SUCK!!! I mean REALLY SUCK!!! You made Santa cry. I wouldn’t be surprised if you woke up with a lump of coal in your stocking. 😛

What do you all think about this trend in movies of leading viewers to believe that there will be a satisfactory ending to a romance, only to have the rug ripped out from under them?

16 comments to “Christmas—and Mourning Henry…an ugly trend ***Spoiler Alert***”

  1. Grrr. I’m glad I didn’t watch the series now. I frothed at the mouth over the ending to Pirates 3. On the one hand, great flick. But the ending? HORRIBLE!

    If this is a trend, it’s a lousy one. It’s a cheap trick and bad writing. If you set up one kind of ending, deliver it. The right ending might be painful or even tragic, but if it’s right, it resonates instead of ruining everything.

  2. Oh, PS, enjoy cooking lessons! And Merry Christmas!

  3. Charli, You’re lucky. I mean I wasn’t sure how they’d wrap it up, but I’d hoped that it would be with her making a decision between the two men—not everyone walking out in tears. SUCKS!!! Especially when that wasn’t the tone of the series at all.

  4. Charli, I will. Can’t wait. Just call me Jordan Childs. 😉 *ggg*

  5. Geez, I never got to see Blood Ties, and now I’m glad. Ack! I think that sucks, and really don’t understand the logic behind it…it’s certainly one way to end a series, but it also ensures that I won’t be going back to watch reruns or buying DVDs of the show, since I’d feel so let-down.

    …I’ve always wanted to take a cooking class, a real cooking class…

    I feel a story coming out of this, lol.

  6. Raine, You know, I never really thought about DVD sales, but you’re right. I would’ve probably considered buying the series, but not now. 🙁 As for cooking classes and stories, maybe you should write it. 😉

  7. Don’t give up on more Blood Ties!
    The ending is a perfect setup for the next season.

    Lifetime may not show more episodes, but Kaleidoscope, the Canadian procucers, have not announced a cancellation.

  8. I hope Anne is right. Henry was the best vampire on TV. Thanks for the update, Ms. Childs. 🙂

  9. COoking classes sound fun!! I agree on Bloodties–I didn’t watch it all the time but I did like it. I do wonder if it’s cancellation will be followed by the demise of Moonlight.

  10. Anne, I hope you’re right because if it ends this way, I’m going to be pissed. I wouldn’t have watched it past the first episode had I known. :/

  11. Bernard, Yes, he is…followed closely by Mick on Moonlight. 😉 You’re welcome. 🙂

  12. Amie, I think they’re going to be fun. Can’t wait to start cooking. As far as I know, Moonlight is coming back next season. It’s been getting pretty good ratings. I believe it was number two on Friday nights.

  13. Mick was number one until some idiot writer gave him a crying scene in the last episode. 🙂 The romance in Moonlight far surpasses that of Blood Ties; but I was hoping the woman in Blood Ties would warm up.

  14. Bernard, I agree that the romance in Moonlight far surpasses the ones in Blood Ties. I wish they would’ve shown more push and pull in Blood Ties. I don’t think it’s realistic that someone would be torn between (and highly attracted to) two men and not ‘slip’ up every once in a while. Did I mention that she made Henry cry? 🙁

  15. Yea, you did write that, Jordan. Okay, I’m writing the script for the next one. Henry dries his tears, changes out of his dress, sucks Vicki dry, and sets up a new relationship with her assistant. 🙂

  16. Bernard, 😛 I wouldn’t want to watch that one either. *ggg* 😉