February 29th, 2008
Giveaways and Interviews and Getaways

I’m going to send you off in various directions today. I was interviewed over at Much Cheaper Than Therapy. Drop by if you can and ignore the gosh awful photo. Although at least I’d gotten some sun in that picture. 🙂

PBW is giving away a basket of Blazes. Mine, OFF LIMITS, is included in that lovely group. Stephanie at Writeminded is giving away her Blaze, BEYOND HIS CONTROL and her single title, UNLEASHING THE STORM.

I mailed in my manuscript yesterday. Just waiting to hear that my editor received it. In celebration, I’m giving away two copies of OFF LIMITS. In order to win, you have to tell me why you want the book. Be creative.(wg)

Dh and I have been daydreaming about getting away from it all. We’ve decided this might be the place to go. Welcome to the Bay of Islands in New Zealand. Sigh. Can we go now?

Book Giveaway Winners: Caryn and Sandy! Congratulations ladies! Please send me your snail mail addresses privately and I’ll mail out those books. Thank you to everyone who entered and particularly to those who planned to buy the book or who already picked it up. 🙂

16 comments to “Giveaways and Interviews and Getaways”

  1. Ooh, mememe! Pick me! Pick me! I want the book!

    Okay, that’s not enough, is it? Let’s see. I deserve the book because I just wrote a blog post about how it seems lately I select most of my reading material from the blogs I read, and I want you to help prove me right. Plus, I’ll read it soon and list it as a current read on my Goodreads account, so my 51 friends will see that I’m reading your book. And, finally, I deserve it because I sneaked and read your blog during my lunch break, and I was the first to comment. So there. 😀

    In other news, good luck with the new MS. Hey, now you’re at the fun part. You get to start creating a new story, right?

  2. Caryn, LOL! No more caffeine for you. *ggg* Yes, starting a new book would be fun if I didn’t have to come up with a way to get myself out of the corner I just wrote myself into in the latest book. LOL! (wg)

  3. Scary thing is? I haven’t had any caffeine yet today. Although I’m about to consume a chocolate chip granola bar, so that might count for a little. I was hoping I’d get some points for enthusiasm. And good luck with that corner. That wasn’t a very nice thing to do to yourself, now, was it?

  4. Caryn, It only counts if it’s a big one. 😉 You definitely got points for enthusiasm. *g* As for corners, it seems to be the place I like to hang out. LOL!

  5. Forget the books, I want what Caryn had for breakfast! *ggg* Congrats on sending off your ms., and your getaway sounds fantastic. As for Off Limits, I’m already buying the whole Blaze Bonanza.

  6. Thanks Charli! Yes, it is a relief. A big one. I do feel a little weird not working on something today though. I think I may pull out an old manuscript and start reading through it to see if it can be ‘fixed’ and submitted. 😉 Thanks for picking up the books. I have those and Rhyannon Byrd’s new paranormal to grab. 😀

  7. Congratulations on getting the manuscript out. I bet that made your month. 🙂

  8. I want the book because it would go well with ALL the other books I have read and kept of yours.

    If I don’t get it…I guess I’ll have to drudge all the way back to the book store and buy it.

  9. Don’t bother about the book, I plan to buy it (support your fav authors, lol). But you can sign me up for that vacation…sigh…

  10. I bought OFF LIMITS last night, so don’t enter me. Just wanted to say huge congrats on the release!!!

  11. Hi Jordan
    Raine sent me over because you are planning to maybe come over this way to New Zealand for a holiday. I live in Auckland, which is a couple of hours from the Bay of Islands. I can assure you it is a very beautiful spot and well worth a visit. If you do decide to come this way, let me know.


  12. Bernard, Thank you! It is a HUGE relief to have that book in. I’m starting the next one now (charting it out) because I don’t want to EVER come this close to deadline again.

  13. Sandy, You’re entered. *g*

  14. Thanks Raine! Saw the books in Walmart last night. Here’s hoping RED ends up there, too. As for the vacation, you and me both sister. I’m just not sure if I’ll want to come back once I reach NZ.

  15. Thank you, HelenKay! 😀 It feels good to have a release out. It’s been too long.

  16. Suzanne, Thanks for dropping by. Yep, we’re trying to figure out how we’re going to get there. It’s looking like a Pacific Rim loop right now (ie Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Sydney, New Zealand (North and South Islands, and the Bay of Islands). I’ll definitely let you know, once we’ve made a final decision. 🙂