February 21st, 2008
Sad at Casa Summers

Dh’s folks just left so we’re a bit down now. It seems so quiet without them and they aren’t noisy people. I think it just brings home how far away we are from all our family. We’re trying to figure out how to remedy that now. (No, we’re not thinking about moving.) We are just trying to figure out how to spend more time away.

Bernard told me yesterday that my Blaze, OFF LIMITS is officially shipping. YAY!

4 comments to “Sad at Casa Summers”

  1. I so relate. For us the answer was to move closer. I was at Walmart today but didn’t have a chance to look for Off Limits, boohoo. Must try again, maybe without short-fused children in tow.

  2. Charli, It would be kind of hard for us to move closer since one set of parents are in the UK and the other are in the Midwest. :/ As for OFF LIMITS, my guess is it won’t hit stores until sometime in March, since it’s ‘official’ release date is Mar. 1st. 🙂

  3. It’s fun to have relatives visit, but the house always seems so empty afterward, doesn’t it? We had company come in last night, and it’s nice to have such a full house. And congrats on the shipment!

  4. Caryn, It was a really nice visit, but it’s definitely a let down afterwards. 🙁 Thank you!