March 20th, 2008
About to Be really busy

I’ve been working on a partial (with quite a bit of help from my friends). It’s one of my older books and is a story that I love to this day. I’m trying to get it together before I leave for N.Y. next week, but I don’t know if it’s going to happen because my copyedits for RED just arrived and they need to be done ASAP. When it rains and all that…;) Looks like I’ll be working through the weekend–and every day after that leading up to my trip.

6 comments to “About to Be really busy”

  1. Well, that is busy! Good luck getting the partial ready and copyedits done too.

  2. Thanks Charli! I’m going to need it. *g*

  3. And it’s a fantastic story! I have a feeling you’ll have the partial in the mail before you set out for N.Y. If not, it will be there when you get home. Either way, I wouldn’t sweat it. You deserve a break.

  4. I hope the edits go smoothly. Do you get to disagree with them?

  5. Bernard, I can if I think that they’ve made a mistake or if I don’t want something changed. It’s one of those situations where you pick your battles carefully. 😉

  6. Thanks J! 🙂 (((Hugs)))