March 24th, 2008
Copyedits, Packing and Borders

I’ll be doing copyedits over the next two days so that I can finish them in time to take them with me to N.Y. (ie I won’t be around much.) Must read faster.

Tomorrow is my last cooking class and I have to admit that I’m really bummed. I’ve been having a blast taking these classes. Sigh. It’s the first ‘hobby’ I’ve had in YEARS. Hopefully I’ll manage to take a few classes in the future.

I have to pack for the conference tonight and I have no idea what I’m going to take. New York is quite a bit cooler than where I live–like forty degrees cooler. *ggg* I will be taking my coat. It’s also supposed to rain if I read the weather report correctly. Fun times. Must add a hat to my packing list.

Been hearing rumors that Borders is about to go belly up and/or about to be bought by Barnes and Noble. I REALLY hope that those rumors are wrong. I don’t want one big conglomerate in control of all the brick and mortar stores. It’s bad enough as it is. What are your thoughts? Where would you shop if B & N buys Borders? Would it change where you shop? Or would it be business as usual?

10 comments to “Copyedits, Packing and Borders”

  1. I’d like to think that if Borders went under, they’d be replaced by independents. You know, the people we used to buy books from before the book superstores came along. I don’t think all chain stores owned under one umbrella is going to be more stable. I really hope that Borders is able to work things out, because word also has it their “concept” stores were profitable.

  2. I too hope they don’t go belly up but you know, the last few years, I’ve ordered more and more books online. Probably the majority of them. I LOVE bookstores and usually can’t even hit Target w/out buying a new book but if I want something specific, I just order it. So I’m not sure a sell-out would have a big impact on me–as a consumer anyway

  3. I guess it would depend on what B&N did with the Borders – if they left them like they are, turned them into B&Ns, or closed them down. If they left them as is, nothing would change in my book buying. But if they made them B&Ns or closed them down, I would probably buy a lot fewer books. I don’t like shopping at B&N.

  4. YAY! I’ll see you in NY!

    I have edits as well, but after a recent conversation I think mine are nothing like what most people get. *frown* I’m not sure thats a good thing either.
    Anyway, good luck and I’ll see you in NY!

  5. You’re kidding! For pete’s sake–WHY? The Borders here are always swarming with people! I hate monopolies. And there isn’t an independent bookstore even REMOTELY close to me.

  6. Charli, I hope they can pull a rabbit out of their hat too. As for more independent bookstores, that would be nice. We only have a couple here. The rest are used bookstores and chains.

  7. Amie, I do a fair amount of purchasing from both chains (because there aren’t independents nearby) and online. I wish my favorite independent bookstore had free two-day shipping like Amazon. If they did, I would buy from nowhere but there.

  8. TVaddictgurl, I have no idea what they’d do, but I’m sure there would be closures.

  9. Sasha, See you there. 😀 I’ll be doing edits on the plane tomorrow for sure. I’m only have way through my book right now.

  10. Raine, Apparently, they’re in bad financial shape. Hopefully the boutique stores they’ve opened will turned things around. Of course, they’re carrying 25% less books, so read into that what you will.