March 25th, 2008
Off Tomorrow

Tonight is my last cooking class. We have a final meal for our ‘graduation’. It should be a good time. I wish I could hang a little later tonight, but my flight leaves bright and early tomorrow morning. I will be carrying a ton of work with me. (ie copyedits) I’m sitting at the halfway mark and hope to manage another hundred pages today, which will only leave me with 118 to go. :-O Yes, I WILL be working on the plane.

I’ve decided not to renew my local RWA chapter membership. It was a tough decision, but I believe the right one for me at this time.

I have so many things to get together today that I’d best get started. I’ll catch you guys after New York. 🙂

6 comments to “Off Tomorrow”

  1. Have fun Jordan!!

  2. Thanks V! 🙂

  3. Have a great time at your class and on your trip, although having to do copyedits on a plane when you should be reading somebody else’s book for pleasure doesn’t sound like fun.

  4. Have fun in NY! Good luck with the copyedits.

  5. Caryn, Thanks! Yeah, copyedits instead of pleasure reading blow, but hopefully I can get them done and enjoy my evenings in the hotel. 🙂

  6. Charli, I will and thanks! I have a hundred and twenty eight pages to go, so I’m really going to push to get them done on the plane.