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Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

Somehow my sci-fi romance entry got linked to sci-fi site io9, which is cool. I dropped in to read the comments. They were interesting. Some were pretty predictable given the wide variety of what I write and the target painted on romance’s back. I am a little confused by a few of the comments since they mention cyborgs. I’m not quite sure if they’re talking about my book or something else. For the record, cyborgs aren’t in RED, but that would’ve been a cool idea…if it hadn’t already been done in Blade Runner. Yes, I am a fan and own the director’s cut HD box set to prove it. 🙂

I know I’m kind of taking the piss out of the whole thing because they thought I was a dude, but I really did enjoy their site. They have some interesting entries. If you get a chance, check it out.

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008
Sci-fi Romances

I’ve heard rumors **coughSarahcough** that some of the editors at RT were saying that the next ‘big’ paranormal thing was going to be sci-fi. I suppose that makes sense given the cycle of things. It’s been a while since sci-fi has had an upsurge in popularity. Like the historical market, sci-fi has been dropping. Historicals have ended their free-fall, so maybe sci-fi’s won’t be far behind.

I admit that I haven’t read a lot of sci-fi romance, unless you consider Old Man’s War and S.L. Viehl romances. *g* I’m currently reading Grimspace. I’m a HUGE fan of sci-fi movies. LOVE THEM! But when it comes to sci-fi books, I’m picky. What do you all think? Do you think sci-fi is the next vamp? Have you read many sci-fi romances/sci-fi novels? What do you think will be the next big thing?

Sunday, April 27th, 2008
Rhinos of the world unite

I got this link from Aime and loved it so much I decided to pass it on. Wise words indeed. Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

Friday, April 25th, 2008

I’ve realized that over the years we’ve discussed things that we need to work on (ie plotting, description, pacing, etc.). I thought it might be a nice change to talk about our strengths. Sometimes we don’t know our strengths until they’re pointed out by others. (Being too close to the subject does that. 😉 I know when I’m asked what I consider my writing strengths to be I tend to struggle with the question. When that happens, I realize I don’t really understand what the question means. I know that sounds weird, but it’s the truth. My dh pointed that out when I was struggling with plotting a couple of years ago. Since then, I’ve learned how to plot. It took a lot of definitions for me to understand what people meant when they said the word plot, but once I got it, I REALLY got it. *g* Now where was I? That’s right, I was discussing strengths. I think in this business it’s really easy to focus on weaknesses and discount strengths. Makes me wonder if we’re going at it wrong. Maybe we should be playing up what we’re good at first, then worrying about what needs strengthening later???

One of the things I’ve realized I can do fairly well is pace a book. I try to make sure that the books I write these days are fast paced. I never studied how to do this. It just seemed to be something that I picked up naturally. Now it’s your turn. What do you do well? What are your strengths? Even if you’re not a writer, I’d love to hear what you think your strengths are because I think it’s important to be reminded now and again. 🙂

Thursday, April 24th, 2008
50 Pages Down 306 More To Go

As you can see, I didn’t cover as much ground as I would’ve liked yesterday. I’m comparing manuscripts side by side, so it’s slow going. I’m also trying to make sure we haven’t missed anything. Want the copy to be as perfect as possible, you know?

There’s a giveaway of OFF LIMITS going on here if you’re interested.

Other than that, no news on this end. Just work. 🙂 As a reminder to those of you who care, new episodes of MOONLIGHT will air tomorrow night. Please watch the show. It’s doing well, but they’re going to decide whether to keep it based on how many viewers return for the next three episodes. Tonight SUPERNATURAL returns and it looks pretty cool in a Blair Witch kind of way. 😀

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008
Excellent Evening

Well the Taiko drumming last night was great. They put on a wonderful show and the crowd really got into it. At the end, they even did an audience participation dance. No, I did not participate. I preferred to join in from my seat. *ggg*

Yesterday afternoon I received my manuscript for a final read through. Going to do that for the next couple of days so that I can get it back to Tor right away. That means I’ll probably be a little quiet over the next couple of days. Work comes first. 🙂

Charli posted her horrorscope. No, that’s not what it’s called. That’s just what I like to call them. 😉 It’s from Free Will Astrology, which always has interesting entries. I know mine was pretty timely. *g* Bounce on over and check yours out. I do expect you to share the wisdom.

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008
Taiko Tonight!!!

I’m leaving in a few minutes to meet up with a couple of flight attendant friends that I used to fly with. I’ve been busy the past few days. We’ve had people over to measure our windows so that we can get new coverings. One window in particular allows you to flash the world, so it’ll be nice to have some privacy. Not that I mind flashing the world. *wg* Also need a few things fixed while the house is still under warranty. 😉

Tonight we’re off to see the Taiko drummers. I’m really looking forward to the show. I plan to get some work in before I leave. You didn’t really think I wouldn’t squeeze some work in, did you? Honestly, that’s about as exciting as it gets here.

I think I’m entering a reading slump. I can feel it starting and I’m trying to do everything I can think of to cut it off at the pass. (ie read different genres, re-read old favorites, etc.) Not sure it’s working, since I make it about a chapter before I get bored to tears. Any suggestions on how to stop it before it gets worse?