May 21st, 2008

I haven’t been as productive as I would’ve liked over the last couple of weeks so I’m going to start heading out of the house to get away from the computer write.

Brenda Novak’s auction is down to the final days. There’s still time to bid on the critique and the ARC. Don’t miss your chance for me to be crushingly hard on you. 😈 😉

As an aside, did anyone catch Bones the other night? If so, what did you think? This afternoon I’m going to watch the season finale of NCIS. (No spoilers, please.) I hear it left things in quite a pickle. I’m bracing, since this seems to be the year the networks f*ck with everything I like to watch. And yes, I’m still bitter about Moonlight. 🙄

8 comments to “HEADING OUT OF THE HOUSE”

  1. Sometimes a change of scene helps get the words going. Happy writing! And hey, maybe you need to write your own version of Moonlight to recover. :mrgreen:

  2. Yes, it definitely helped today. I didn’t get as much written as I would’ve liked, but I did get the ball rolling and a few more things fleshed out. Overall it was a pretty productive day. I’ll head out again on Friday.

    As for writing my own personal version of Moonlight, it’s tempting, but would be way too much like writing fan fic. I’ll just have to learn to live with my disappointment. *g* 🙄

  3. The nerd lab tech being in on it with the cannibal was a bit far fetched. Bones was still a great final, especially when Bones decks Sealy for not telling her he wasn’t dead.

    NCIS was very well done. You’ll enjoy it.

  4. Yeah, that kind of came from left field to me, too. I think it would’ve been more interesting if the shrink turned out to be the apprentice. I did like the episode overall though.

    NCIS was definitely different. I do think they gave the character the proper send off. It’ll be interesting to see how they pull it back together next season.

  5. I missed who got killed off on NCIS. Had to deal with puppy issues came back and there was a kaboom. Have no idea who it was. 😯

    And you know Jordan, there’s this great wireless mike you can use to dictate all around your house into your computer. It’s really upping my productivity even though I already use VR software. I don’t have to be inside on those nice days. I can be out gardening and such and my computer cheerfully keeps on working. Takes the distraction factor out of my working.

  6. The Bones finale was evidently written by one of the writer’s twelve-year old nephews, as the real writers were busy watching old Saved By the Bell reruns and couldn’t be bothered. No payoff for Booth getting shot. No buildup or payoff for Gorma-whosit. Lazy-ass writing, and I give no slack for the strike. Want to see a well-written finale? Check out Criminal Minds.

    Not that I have a strong opinion or anything. 🙂

    Good luck with your writing. I’ve decided to hire a ghost to finish my book. (Ah, if only it were possible…)

  7. Sarah, The director bought the farm in glorious fashion.

    Yes, I have that mic in my notes. A little bird with such knowledge was kind enough to share all the info with me. 😉 I really need to pick it up.

  8. Jo, I agree that Bones was kind of slapped together. Not sure why. Criminal Minds rocked. I’ve spent the last two days trying to figure out who was in the car. Five of the main players got in the driver’s side, while the other two got in the passenger side of the vehicles. Not that it means anything, but I did notice that.

    Thank you! If you find that ghost, could you send them my way? *ggg*