June 20th, 2008
Is the Book Done Yet?

Nope, but I’ve passed page 105 and I’m heading for 300. I’ve definitely had harder books to write *cough*the urban fantasy*cough*, but it’s still taking me longer than I’d hoped. Would like to be sitting at 150 by now. What is that saying? S**t in one hand and wish in another and see which one fills up faster. Yeah, that’s where I’m at. 🙄 I’ve managed 9K in the last three days. I will get at least another two and change today (maybe three). I plan to work over the weekend, so hopefully I can make up for my Fast Draft shortages. (You’re supposed to hit 20 pages a day–every day–for two weeks.) I’m definitely off the mark on the page count, but must keep going.

I have to admit that I haven’t been feeling the need to blog lately. I’m sure that the return to writing has something to do with it. Just can’t bring myself to blog after I meet my daily goal. Hope you all understand. I’ll be more chatty after the book is finished.

Have a great weekend. 🙂

8 comments to “Is the Book Done Yet?”

  1. *passes coffee thermos, sports drink, cucumber slices for tired eyes* Go, go, go! And you can always do delirious “I wrote until my brain turned to oatmeal” posts. That’s what I do. I have no idea how PBW manages her output and still blogs intelligibly. Sold her soul to the devil, probably.

  2. Yeah, Charli, today I need it. The brain is not happy. I think I’m going to have a PB&J. Maybe that will wake it up.

    As for PBW, yep, she has stamina enough for ten people. 🙂

  3. Write on.

  4. I have no idea how PBW manages her output and still blogs intelligibly. Sold her soul to the devil, probably.

    Yep. 40 times, no less. 😉

    I have the advantage of big mouth over tired fingers. You poor deprived physically able people have to manually type everything; my computer does that for me. All I have to do is sit here and tell it the story.

    The only drawback is when I break for the day and talk to my guy, I say things like, “Hi comma sweetheart comma how was your day question mark you would not believe what craled check that crawled into the garden this morning exclamation point.”

  5. Raine, I’m writing. I’m writing. 😛

  6. Lynn, LMAO! That is too funny. I can just imagine the look on his face. Then again, he’s probably used to it by now. 😉

  7. 40 times? You must have a great agent! 😆

    Now giggling over what’s craling through the garden.

  8. Charli, *ggg*