June 26th, 2008
Sci-Fi/Fantasy Upcoming Movies

Man this seems to be the year for some great sci-fi/fantasy flicks. We have Wanted, Batman, X-Files, Twilight, Harry Potter, The Mummy 3, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Hellboy 2, The Day the Earth Stood Still, Babylon A.D., Hancock and Wall:E. I know I’m missing some. Those are just the ones off the top of my head. For the purposes of this entry, I’m not including the movies that have already been released this year.

Does anyone else see a theme here?

20 comments to “Sci-Fi/Fantasy Upcoming Movies”

  1. I guess Get Smart isn’t SF, although it kind of has the right flavor. :mrgreen: I am racing to finish revisions and go see Wanted!

  2. You forgot STAR TREK! (I think the X-files dude is doing it or is it JJ Abram. I don’t remember but someone well known). Frankly, I’m TICKLED 😀

  3. Charli, LOL! No, I doubt count Get Smart or James Bond. *ggg* 😉

    Good luck on those revisions. I’m off to get my word count in so that I can get past the halfway mark today. 🙂

  4. See Amie, I knew I missed one. I thought that movie was coming out next year. When does it hit theaters?

    Yes, I’d heard that some great people were behind the remake. Fingers crossed they dazzle us all.

  5. OOP 😳 You’re right. It is next year. I got so excited…..

  6. LOL, I thought it came out next year. I kept thinking ‘How could I have missed that one?’ 😆

  7. I agree, it’s a really great time for SFF. Although these will be released in 2009 and 2010 respectively, I’m looking forward to LAND OF THE LOST, TRON, and CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: VOYAGE OF THE DAWN TREADER.

    I also wonder if a big-screen adaptation of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA is in the works. That’d be cool.

  8. Oh, I’m looking forward to all of those J. I LOVE scifi flicks.

    Heather, I WISH there was giong to be a BSG movie on teh big screen, but I think there will be a couple of TV movies made after the season ends next year.

  9. Journey to the Center of the Earth was done so well the first time, I’m surprised they did a remake of it.

  10. I can’t wait to see Wall:E 😛 Some of the others look good too, but for whatever reason, I thin Wall:E is gonna be great!

  11. Count me in on those who want to see “Wall-E.” I’ve always been a sucker for a robot story. And “Batman” looks awesome, too.

    I believe you left out “Space Chimps” *grins*.

  12. Heather, I sure hope Land of the Lost is better than its TV companion. *ggg* 😉

  13. Vivi, I know we’re on the same wave-length. We should probably be frightened. *gg*

  14. Bernard, I’m a little surprised they’re remaking Journey to the Center of the Earth, too. I think since it’s in 3-D that’s going to be a big draw. As for the remakes, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of original work coming out of Hollywood right now. Every time we turn around there’s another remake of something.

  15. Sasha, We plan to see Wall: E this week. It looks so cute.

  16. Ellen, Yes, Batman looks terrific. I loved the last one. I think they’ve done a good job at turning that franchise around.

    As for the Chimps, no I didn’t. LOL!

  17. Vivi, you’re probably right on the money.

    Jordan, Mauro Borelli is the illustrator for LAND OF THE LOST and his work is spectacular (he also worked on Pirates of the Caribbean and Sleepy Hollow). I’m lucky to have him as a friend, and so I know at least part of LOTL won’t suck!

  18. Heather, That sounds wonderful. The atmosphere in both those films was great. 🙂

  19. Rachel Weisz declined to participate in M3, which concerns me. The first two–and the SK–are movies I love to watch over and over again. But it’s the rare sequel that replaces a lead actor and still retains the same magic.

    I’m hoping M3 turns out to be one of those movies where a cast change works well. *fingers crossed*

  20. Sylvia, I was very disappointed when I’d heard that news. Even more disappointed by the replacement they chose. I did hear that one of the reasons she declined was because Evie’s part had been so small in the third movie. It was more of a father/son story than a husband/wife story. We’ll have to see how well they do with it. I’ll be going to see it when it opens.