June 24th, 2008
Still Writing and Writing and Writing

As you can see from the title of this entry, I’m just working. I hope to be back to regularly blogging in July. I should hit 200 pages today. In the past week, I’ve written 22,570 words–not counting today’s word count. I’m shooting for 80/85K exact word count before I begin edits.

My schedule at RWA is filling up rapidly. I’ll be doing a signing on Saturday afternoon for RED. I’m not sure if I’m down to sign at the public book-signing on Wednesday evening. I’m trying to find out. I registered early for the conference, but obviously missed some of the paperwork. I will be wandering around the signing, if I’m not participating. Bernard, if you’re still planning to attend the signing, I’ll save you a copy. Just look for the chubby lady oogling the books. 😉

Other than that, I’m just counting down the days until Wanted releases. I wish we could go on opening day, but dh is teaching this week. Sigh. I’ll have to wait until Saturday morning. 😥 That movie, plus work, and Wall:E should keep us busy over the weekend. Do you guys have any plans?

UPDATE: Add another 3275 to that number. This brings the week’s total up to: 25,845 words. Should hit 40K tomorrow, which puts me about halfway through the book. Must write faster and smarter.

12 comments to “Still Writing and Writing and Writing”

  1. I don’t think I’ll be at the Wed. night signing either; I signed up past the May deadline. I think they had to request the books by then.

    My weekend will be edits! Unless by some miracle I finish by Friday. Since they just arrived, I’m not holding my breath. 🙄

  2. Charli, Don’t feel bad. I signed up for the conference in plenty of time, but somehow missed the paperwork for signing because everything was in a different location. Luckily, I got my hotel room.

  3. That is some real nose to the grindstone work output. 🙂

  4. Wow J, I wish I had your drive and discipline to write like that. Shit. I need to adjust my lazy ass.

    This weekend…writing and WANTED. I’m going on Sunday afternoon all by myself, the way I like to see movies…

  5. I’m not even here. I’m off being a good novelist and finishing the type-ins on the final draft of Crystal Healer. You’re just imagining this comment.

    But this weekend I will be obsessively re-reading the final print copy, at least ten if not fifteen times, while I work through the first stage of manuscript separation anxiety.

  6. Bernard, I’m trying. I really want to finish this book and get started on the next projects. 🙂

  7. Vivi, It takes a lot to get me going, but once I do I tend to keep rolling along at a fairly steady rate. The problem is when I stop for a week or two. It’s like pushing a boulder up hill while wearing roller-skates. So hard.

    Sounds pretty much like my weekend plans. 😉

  8. Lynn who? *ggg* Is that kind of like you’re getting sleepy, sleepy and when I snap my fingers you’ll forget all about this visit?

    Good luck with the manuscript separation anxiety. I’ll get to have that fun VERY soon.

  9. Gawd, lady, that’s some output!! I’d be hitting the migraine meds at that rate!

    Also hoping to get to Wanted this weekend, but it’s at the “we’ll see” stage right now…

    Applause on the dedication! 😀

  10. Thanks Raine! I still feel slow. I have friends that hit the 3 to 7K range everyday with no sweat. Some are much faster typers than I am. Others just throw those words down on the mat. 😉

    I hope you make it. I heard someone say last night that Wanted was like a combination La Femme Nikita meets the original Matrix. Powerful. I hope they’re right.

    Thank you! I want this book done. *g*

  11. Wahooo — can’t wait for your Red signing at National. I’ll be in line for a copy.

  12. Thanks Catherine! 🙂