August 24th, 2008

Yes, that sound is me finishing this first round of edits. I’m typing the changes in as we speak. It will take a while. My typing skills aren’t great and I have a heck of a time reading my own writing, especially when you factor in the arrows. I love me some arrows. They point every which way. 😯

This was a hardass book to write. Some are easier than others. Note: I didn’t say any of them were ‘easy’. But this one was hard. I had so many story threads to wrap up. I really hope I got them all because other than maybe a freebie novella/short story I’m not going back in to explore this world any more. I’m done. No mas. I’ve cried uncle and aunt. You get the picture. I’ve been typing in changes for HOURS and I’m still only sitting on page 54…out of 391. No idea what the final page or word count will be by the time I’m done. I noticed a missing scene during my edits yesterday at dh’s work, so I think I’m going to have to write it. Gulp. Did I mention the book is DUE on Sept. 1st? Yes, that sound is me screaming.

May tagged me for another Meme. I will do it, but it may take a few days. (ie until I finish typing) Bear with me. I’m dancing as fast as I can. 🙄

6 comments to “Thunk”

  1. Keep at it Jordan. *hug*

  2. Thanks Sasha. 🙂 I think when I’m done I am going to have to practice killing more typing zombies. *ggg*

  3. Hang in there. Keep typing.

  4. No more MeMe’s for you, Jordan! 🙂

  5. Charli, I am. I’m surprised there’s still skin on teh tips. 😯

  6. Bernard, What are you trying to say? 😆