September 9th, 2008
Cosmic Floating

I must admit I haven’t felt much like blogging lately. I don’t feel like I have much to say now that I’ve turned in the final Tor book. It’s a really odd place to be. I still have work floating out on the sea of publishing, but I have no idea when I’ll hear back about it or if it’s been eaten by sharks. *g* I suppose I’ll know if I see body parts floating on the surface. 😉 Okay, I’m done with the water references.

I’ve found it interesting to read through some of my old ideas. I’m actually surprised by the quality of some of the work. I didn’t think I was writing crap at the time, but a lot of stuff doesn’t stand up once a few years have slipped by. So far, all my contemporary work is holding its own. I’m still making notes on my YA. I haven’t quite decided where it should start. I have a couple of beginnings down on paper, but I’m not sure either is going to work.

Tomorrow is my aunt’s 87th birthday. I can’t believe it. Doesn’t seem possible. Happy Birthday, V! May you have many, many more.

Shiloh wanted me to mention that she’s doing a fund-raiser for the victims of the hurricanes. If you’d like to help, check out her site HERE.

Today I have workers crawling all over my house. We have a year to get everything repaired for free, so we’re taking advantage of it, while we can. I’m currently waiting for the carpet guy to arrive. Hopefully he won’t have any problem re-laying my carpet now that they’ve fixed the floor squeak. 🙄

I’ve been playing a lot of video games since I submitted the book. My current obsession is Rachet and Clank: Tools of Destruction. This game is so incredibly fun. I can get lost in it for hours and plan to tomorrow once all the repairs are finished.

I taped True Blood, but I haven’t watched the episode yet. If I enjoy it as much as I think I will, I’ll be buying it by the episode. We recently got rid of HBO because we weren’t watching it. If you caught it, what did you think?

And before anyone asks, yes, I’ve seen these posts. I find them interesting.

18 comments to “Cosmic Floating”

  1. I suppose I’ll know if I see body parts floating on the surface.

    Lots of these kind of analogies popping up, aren’t there? 😛

    And before anyone asks, yes, I’ve seen these posts. I find them interesting.

    Ok, now I’m curious…is there a special reason?

  2. Raine, Yes, there are. *g*

    I used to be represented by that agency.

  3. Oohhhhh… 😎

  4. I enjoyed TRUE BLOOD. Can’t wait for more. 😀

  5. I too enjoyed True Blood. It was raw and raunchy and fun. And I want more.

    Yeah, I was looking at those posts J…interesting. Not sure if I have a real opinion though.

    And I hear you about floating…I’ve been floating for nine months now…

  6. Raine, Is everything clear now? 😉

  7. Sasha, I think I’m going to like it. It’s been a while since I read the book, but I believe they’ve combined a lot of different stories to make the episodes.

  8. Vivi, Sounds like my kind of show. *g*

    I have an opinion (don’t I always? *g*), but since there is a conflict of interest happening…

    (((Hugs))) I’ve only been floating for six months, but it FEELS longer. Hang in there, V.

  9. Raine, Is everything clear now?

    I gotcha. 😉

  10. Raine, 🙂

  11. Oh, my. Interesting times.

    Hopefully nothing floats back to you dismembered. 😆

    I have not seen True Blood but I’m hoping I can get it online. Or buy the show. It looks great.

  12. Charli, Very interesting indeed.

    LOL, I’m waiting for the Jaw’s music to begin playing. (wg)

    I’m not sure if they’re still doing it, but HBO was offering the first episode online for FREE. So check the site. 🙂

  13. Bell said in a interview about TRUE BLOOD that he wants to stay as close to the books as possible, and that the first season will basically be book one. However, one big difference will be the books are in First person, and all Sookie, but the show will expand to give us happen from other characters POV, which you’ll notice right off the bat with Jason, her horndog of a brother. LOL

    SOme people are all up in a fuss about little things, but to me, it was very well done, and I really enjoyed it. Just like Vivi said, raw, raunchy fun.

  14. I watched the preview on your link. It made me want to get HBO again.

  15. Sasha, Was Eric in the first episode? Because he isn’t in the first book as I recall. I do admit it’s been a while since I read the first book in that series. I don’t mind them shaking things up as long as the characterization stays true to form.

  16. Bernard, I’m afraid that’s what is going to happen to me, too. Grrr…

    Although, for now, I think I’m going to buy each episode. It would still in the long run be cheaper than subscribing again.

  17. Nope. Eric’s not in the first episode. He is in the opening credits, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we meet him soon.

    Are you sure he’s not in the first book? Don;t they go to Fangtasia at some point in book 1? (I lent mine out and never got it back so I don’t have it handy to check)

    Even if they don’t, I won’t be surprised if we meet Eric soon, but in another characters POV. Like Bill talking to him or something. Like I said, he’s int her credits, so I’m assuming he’ll be in there soon.

  18. Sasha, I didn’t think they went to the club in the first book. I believe they talk about it. I know they go to some weird house where the blood is tainted because Sookie saves Bill. Again, it’s been a while since I read the book and like you, I no longer have my copy.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the case. It would make sense for Bill to see him fairly regularly.