October 22nd, 2008
Getting Nervous

I knew it was going to happen. I’d hoped it would wait, but I received an email photo of the finished product yesterday and my nerves took over. What am I talking about? Why RED of course. 🙂 My editor sent the photo via her cellphone to a friend, who forwarded to me. It’s weird seeing the real thing after all these years. It’s also extremely nerve-wrecking. It’s less than two weeks until the book is released. I’m hoping against hope that if it releases early it won’t be more than a week early. I know it’s a long shot, but it’s the only way I’ll have a shot in hell of making any kind of bestseller’s list.

I know as a reader it never crossed my mind that there was a ‘perfect’ purchase time frame. I used to buy a book when I got around to it or when I had the money, depending on which was taking priority at the time. But when you become an author all these factors really make a difference. You know what’s sad? I’ve been writing since 2002 (professionally) and didn’t find out the deal about sales needing to be within the first week and a half to two weeks of a books release until last year. 🙄 In a lot of ways the publishing industry is like the airline industry. There are all these hidden codes, reports and ways of doing paperwork that an outsider cannot begin to understand. I feel like I have one foot in the door and it’s only open a crack. I can see a little of what’s happening, but I’m missing the big picture. 😆

I finally managed to watch My Own Worst Enemy yesterday. It really wasn’t bad. Interesting premise. I’m sure that means it’ll be cancelled soon. Isn’t that how this TV thing works? Other than that, I keep watching the shows, waiting for something to grab me. It hasn’t really happened yet and I fear it won’t. How about you all? Has any new show hooked you?

I picked up Mercury’s War by Lora Leigh, Chosen One by Ana Bast, and Midnight’s Daughter by Karen Chance while I was at the bookstore the other day. Anyone buy a book that they loved?

13 comments to “Getting Nervous”

  1. Not since Patricia Briggs’s Cry Wolf over the summer have I really loved anything. Bought lots of them that I’ve liked, thought were okay, found myself bemused by, wished to God I could judiciously edit, dropped in the library donation box or, in one case, eviscerated 3/4 of. Respectively. 🙂

  2. Lynn, I have that book in my TBR pile. I haven’t dug in yet. I still have to read the last Mercy book, which is also in my TBR pile. I figure I’ll get it finished in time for her hardcover release. I do know where you’re coming from though. I’ve kind of felt that way with the last few books I’ve sat down to read. I think that’s why I’ve gone back to comfort reads for a while.

  3. Hey Jordan:

    I’m sure Red will do great!

    I have all the books you mentioned waiting to be read. I enjoyed Karen Chance’s first 3 novels and am looking forward to Midnight’s Daughter.

    I gave up television last year after they again cancelled the show I really liked and watched every week. I spewed profanity at the thing and screamed “Never Again”. Aside from watching the season opener of CSI Las Vegas (what can I say, I’ve got a thing for Grissom), I haven’t watched anything this season.

    Recent book buys I loved? Um… Has to be Sydney Croft’s ACRO series. I actually wrote reviews on my blog this week, I thought that series rocked. I’ve read a lot of great books lately though, I’m playing catch up. 😆

    Take Care,
    Best of Luck with Red! 😉

  4. I will make it a point to snag Red in the first week of release. 😀 I know what you mean about all the hiddens. Oy. I could fill an encyclopedia with what I didn’t know, and yes, it DOES hurt you. Ignorance isn’t bliss.

    I haven’t bought any recent releases. I’m buried under my TBR pile and waiting for Patricia Briggs. Or the next Darkyn. I’m doing a lot of comfort reading myself.

  5. A week to a week and a half is a really short span! When are pre-orders taken into consideration, and how have they been so far for ‘Red’?

    The Mentalist is the only really surprising one so far. I like it a lot more than I thought I would.

  6. Glum sigh. 😐 some online booksellers are already selling THE MISSING.

    My hopes are diminishing…

    Good luck. I loved Red.

  7. Thanks Lea! 🙂

    Yeah, I’m pretty fed up with the TV situation. I was shocked to hear that Grissom is leaving mid-season. He’ll come back on occasion, but will otherwise be off the show. So is the guy from Texas. Um…trying to remember his character’s name.

    I really enjoyed Karen’s first three books also. From what I’ve read in this latest, it’s going to be just as much fun if not more so.

  8. Thanks Charli. We both could write a book on the ‘unknowns’ in publishing. *ggg*

    I’m really on comfort read kick as of late.

  9. Bernard, It is a very narrow window. Too narrow if you ask me, but of course, no one does. *wg* 😉 I know that pre-orders count for a lot and are taken into consideration. That said, I have NO IDEA how Red is doing on the pre-order front. It keeps bouncing on and off Amazon’s bestselling paranormal and gothic books’ list. I do know that my initial print run is decent, so I’m pleased on that front.

  10. Bernard, I meant to also say, I am enjoying the Mentalist even though I still think one of the people in the cast is mis-cast for the role.

  11. (((Shiloh))), Good luck to you, too. Thank you.

  12. I don’t have too much of a problem with anyone in the Mentalist cast except for that goofy guy they have running the squad. Other than him, it’s just the small criticisms like the 98 lb woman handler tackling male monsters, like Buffy. 🙂 They’ve established she knows how to shoot her gun and has a willingness to use it with deadly force. For believability, they should let her use the tools. Even Buffy needed ‘Mr. Pointy’. 🙂

  13. Bernard, Yes, it’s the 98 pound woman I think is miscast. I do agree it seems a little silly. *g*