October 25th, 2008
Wandering the Shops

I was out wandering the shops today, trying to figure out how to organize my projects (ie books) in the new year. I like working with wire legal pads when I’m making notes. They’re easy to write on and great to tote around, but I’d also like to have some place to stick note cards and 8.5 by 11 pictures. I went to the office supply place to see if they had what I was looking for—no luck. So I decided to go online and check. From what I can gather, they don’t make the type of thing I need. I’m a bit bummed about this because I really do want to be better organized in the new year. It would help my work and my brain if I could go to a file and pull out a notebook and say, “Here is Red.” Obviously I’m not going to write the whole book out on paper, but I do write a lot on paper, especially when I get stuck. It gets my brain flowing. So I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do. You would think there’d be someplace out there geared for writers, who aren’t working on scripts. But if there is, I can’t find them.

Had a nice lunch with a reader friend yesterday. We talked books and stories. It was really nice to talk about books that excite us and authors we love. Must do that again soon. I’ve sent off my blurb ideas to my agent. Still working on my UF synopsis, but it is coming along. I do think I’ll have it finished this week. Hopefully I’ll also finish chapter three of the UF, so that it’s ready to go make the rounds at the publishing houses. Must get geared up to beat the bushes now that I’ve fulfilled my contracts. 😉

Hope everyone is having a good weekend. I’m off to watch Primeval. 😀

12 comments to “Wandering the Shops”

  1. You could make your own pockets to stick cards into in a wire-bound notebook. And I know I have one with built-in pockets on the front and back covers.

    My weekend is full of technical stuff so far. Bleah. My desktop was murdered by Windows and my webhost is down more than up. Husband managed to transfer data off and new site will go live shortly.

  2. I generally use a three-ring binder with end pockets and tabbed dividers, but that might be too bulky for you. You might try getting a porfolio file. They have them in the binder section, and they look like a big document wallet except they have a dozen or so sections inside, like a portable filing cabinet. You could easily slip your wirebound notebook in one section, index cards in another, etc.

  3. Here’s a link to what I mean in the above comment:

  4. Charli, Is the notebook you’re talking about a legal pad? (The one with the built in pockets.) I’ve seen tons of notebooks that flip from right to left, but not over the top like a legal pad.

    As for me making pockets, if you knew me well, you wouldn’t even suggest that. LOL! I’m the person who glued their fingers together when I took a college art class. *ggg*

  5. Lynn, I’m looking for something fairly slim. I’ve made the mistake of going for a five course notebook and it’s definitely too big. It has the right items in it (ie pockets for note cards, pictures, and tabs), but it’s not easy to write in. That’s why I love legal wire pads.

  6. Lynn, I have something like that to keep track of yearly business related receipts, but I was hoping to get something a little less bulky to carry with me when I write long-hand.

  7. Okay, I use a flip top spiral bound notebook, single subject. It has plastic covers and I can get them at Walmart. Here’s what they look like.

    On the inside of the front cover or back, you can easily put this for index cards. And on the back, or the under cover (a thicker cardboard) you can put this.

    I usually have to do this kind of stuff for my notebooks to give me what I need. LOL. Hope this helps!

  8. Yep, mine’s flip from side to side, not bound at the top legal-style. So not what you’re looking for. Giggling at gluing fingers together. Maybe your dh can engineer it for you?

  9. Dawn, Thank you very much. I think one of these might help.

  10. Charli, LOL, yes that would probably be best.

  11. You’re welcome! When you’re done will you post an image so we can see what you did? 🙂

  12. Dawn, I will do that. 🙂