January 27th, 2009
Making Progress

Dh is almost done editing the travel videos. Should have something for you all very soon. I’ll do write-ups with the short vids to fill in the missing spaces.

I managed to finish the Scarlet read on Sunday. Yesterday I typed up a cheat sheet for the publisher to go along with the pages I returned. Hopefully I didn’t make any typos and it makes everything easier. Today I’m starting work on the vampire novella. I’ve been reading more of the novellas from the first book. It’s definitely going to be tough. Not the writing, but getting it to fit. I may have too much story. I’ll have to see once I get into it. I do believe I can get the rough draft finished before I receive Crimson edits in a couple of weeks. If I do, then it’s looking like I’m free to do whatever as of March. YAY! (picture me dancing around the room)

6 comments to “Making Progress”

  1. Hehe… You’re an excellent dancer! 😉

  2. I look forward to the vids when they’re ready and up. Good luck with the novella writing. 🙂

  3. Karen, *g* Toes the floor. Thanks.

  4. Thanks Karin. 🙂

  5. I’d be a dancing fool! Congrats. And I’m sure you’ll shoehorn all that story in there somehow. :mrgreen:

  6. Charli, So far the shoe is looking a little small for my size nines. 😯