January 20th, 2009
We Have A New President

I watched the end of the swearing in with so many mixed emotions. Elation and fear, hope and anxiety. I then listened to his acceptance speech with tears in my eyes. The man can sure deliver a speech that makes you sit up and take notice. I don’t even know why I was crying. This day is historic on so many levels. I can barely begin to comprehend the far reaching ramifications.

I’m not a particularly religious person, especially when it comes to organized religion. But if words have power, then THIS PRAYER is one of the post powerful ever written. May it come to pass.

10 comments to “We Have A New President”

  1. Hope can make one cry–but those are good tears, I think :hug:

  2. Azteclady, Thanks. I think you’re right. It was hope spilling out of my eyes. 😉

  3. That is a wonderful prayer.

  4. Charli, Yes, it is.

  5. President Obama is definitely a good orator. His speech was simply fantastic. That prayer, as Charli said, is wonderful.

  6. Karin, Oh yeah. Good is an understatement. He’s amazing. And the word choices are fabulous. Very inspirational on all fronts.

  7. That was beautiful, and spot on. May it be so.

  8. Raine, Hear, Hear!!!

  9. I’d probably describe myself more of a ‘faith’ person rather than religious, just because so much of ‘organized’ religion seems to be more for show and tell, than actual doing.

    As a person of the Christian faith, I’ve got to say…that was probably one of the most powerful prayers I’ve ever had the pleasure to take in. Amen. All around.

  10. Shiloh, Yep, there’s a lot of show. No doubt. 🙄

    Very powerful.