February 22nd, 2009
Thoughts and Observations About the Cities/Countries in the Videos

1. Scotland has always been and will always be a place I find great internal peace. The land and I have a history.
2. Paris has the best bread and hamburgers I’ve EVER eaten.
3. Austria should be known for their chocolate. I missed hearing Mozart while I was there.
4. I had no idea that five German police officers were killed trying to stop Hitler during one of his first rallies in Munich. (They didn’t cover that fact when I was in school. They really should have. It would’ve changed some of my opinions of Germany growing up.)
5. PETA + Munich = carnage. I’ve never seen so many fur shops and fur coats as I did in Munich. German women LOVE their furs.
6. Paris sidewalks really do have a lot of puppy landminds on them.
7. Afternoon tea at the Dorchester in London blew away afternoon tea at the Ritz. (Sorry Ritz.)
8. This was my first visit to London where the city actually looked tired. I found this really sad.
9. No one (including me) sang the Hills Are Alive With the Sound of Music in Salzburg.
10. Italian restaurants seemed to out-number ever other kind of restaurant in Salzburg. I guess they really love spaghetti.
11. You can get arrested in Germany for displaying Nazi hand signals (ie saluting). They take that stuff VERY seriously. (And no, I didn’t do it. I don’t personally find the frustrated vegetarian failed artist funny.
12. The concentration camp in Dachau (which is twenty minutes or less from Munich) only housed men until the last two years of the war. People in Germany are still very hesitant to state that they live there, even though the town itself is one of the most beautiful in the area.
13. Mad Ludwig was a Barbie boy trapped in a Ken world.
14. I never knew there were so many types of sauerkraut.
15. The Germans and the French aren’t rude. They just don’t act like they’re friends with everyone they meet. (Think more formal in their relations.)

I suppose those are the main ones off the top of my head. If anyone has any questions about the videos or places, fire away.

Managed to finish my vampire novella. Unfortunately it has gone 1500 words over the max word count, so I’m trying to cut it down. It will be hard, since I wrote lean, but at least it’s done. 🙂

8 comments to “Thoughts and Observations About the Cities/Countries in the Videos”

  1. Would love to visit Scotland. Pictures are almost as good. Good luck cutting! 😉

  2. You know I found German people very friendly. Everywhere we went we were always made to feel welcome, had several offers to come and eat at people’s places, people we didn’t even know.

    I so want to visit Scotland, Ireland, England, France.

  3. Charli, I wish the pictures were almost as good. Sigh. But they don’t hold a candle to real thing.

  4. Vivi, We didn’t experience that, but I’m sure it depends on where you go and what time of year it is. People were certainly polite enough and we did run in to one very friendly vender, but between my German and her English we couldn’t say a whole lot to each other. *ggg*

  5. I enjoyed the additional notes. Fifteen hundred words is a lot to hack away from a novella. 🙁

  6. Bernard, Thanks! 🙂

    Yes, it is a lot to remove. I’m normally pretty good about coming in at word count. It’s been a long time since I’ve ‘missed’ this bad. My guess is I’m out of practice. I do think the story is solid, so that makes me happy. I’m just praying when I start amputating tomorrow it’ll still look like something recognizable when I’m done.

  7. Very interesting stuff, Jordan, especially about those five German police officers who died trying to stop Hitler.

    Congratulations on finishing the novella and good luck on editing it down.

  8. Karin, Yeah, I had no idea that happened. There is a plaque on the ground to remind everyone.

    Thank you! I’m just glad it’s finished. Luckily, I have no problem cutting my work as long as it makes sense to do so. 🙂