March 20th, 2009
Finally Surprised Him

I have to admit the last few years it’s been impossible difficult to surprise dh on his birthday. But this year I finally got him. I bought him gifts that he didn’t expect, but has been wanting for a while. I really wanted this birthday to be a great one. He’s been having a tough time at work (like a lot of people) and he really needed cheering up. I made him the cake he wanted (a Victoria Sponge cake with butter cream frosting). It turned out pretty good, but boy is it RICH. So rich you can barely get through one piece. I don’t think we’ll end up finishing it. 😳

Now that I’m done with the Dead World trilogy, I’m going back to work on editing the Blaze. I’m also trying to clean off my shelves (and drawers). This means that a lot of books are going. I’m trying to be ruthless. I know I’ve tried before and failed, but I think this time is different. I’d really like space for ‘my’ published work on the shelves and right now I don’t have any. I’ve already filled three boxes and have started a fourth. My intention is to get several boxes together and make a trip to the library. I figure they could probably use some of these books because they’re new. 🙄 I’m also going through my reference and writing books. I’m taking a close look at them to see which ones truly help and which ones probably won’t. If they aren’t in the help pile, then they go. The garage will come next once I finish this task.

Are you doing any spring cleaning? Information cleansing? Etc.

The contest to win an ARC of SCARLET is still happening. Just let me know you want your name tossed into the hat. Now I’m off to cull more books.

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  1. Already cleaned out two bookcases, and now I am tackling closets and garage. I am a wild woman. It is an awesome feeling to clear out clutter and things you aren’t using, let them go to somebody who will, make space for new things.

    Woot for the Blaze!

  2. Way to go, Charli! That’s making some serious progress. Good for you! Dh has been threatening to information cleanse for a while. He says that even though you may not see the extra books they’re always somewhere in your mind taking up space. I never thought about it that way, but he’s definitely right. I need to clear several shelves for my own sanity.


  3. Since I’m not a writer I’m trying to make room for more books. Anyway please toss my name into the hat for an ARC of Scarlet. I would love to review it on my blog 🙂

  4. Forgot to say happy birthday to your dh and I would love the recipe for the cake it sounds yummy.

  5. Well, if the cake is that rich, maybe you don’t really want tht second piece. 😉 I’m glad your dh had a good birthday, though. It sounds like it was exactly what he needed.

    Good luck with the editing!

    As for me, I keep telling myself that I need to clean out my room and get rid of those books that I know I won’t read again. I have quite a few like that tucked under my bed. My goal for this weekend (or at least Sunday since I’ll be dogsitting tonight and tomorrow) is to clean out those books from under my bed and in the shelves of my closet and maybe get a shelf for some of my knick-knacks so I can free up another one of my book shelves. It will be quite the endeavor, but it needs to be done before I continue to lose space in my already over-full room. *sigh*

  6. Clutter: yes–and it all ends going to a charity.

    Books? ack no. Sorry, no can do.

    See, they get culled the moment I’m done reading them–if they end in the bookcase, they are keepers, period.

    Which explains why I’ve build five bookcases in a year, yes?

  7. I’m going through my bookcases and closets, and files, getting rid of things I don’t use and no longer need. I’m making plans and want to be ready. 😎
    Have a great weekend.

  8. Hi Jordan! Love to be in for SCARLET! Thanks!

    Ugh, spring cleaning. Usually I did that in the break time from school since I was working in a school before things went downhill with my health. But I remember doing the cupboards! I’m now trying to convince my 22 year old daughter to help! Its just one thing I always want to do for that spring cleaning. I say the hubby has to do windows, he doesn’t know yet, LOL

  9. Oops, I put a HI in my email up there, LOL so I corrected it 🙂

  10. Please enter me for Scarlet. Love your books!! Happy birthday to your DH!!

  11. This might be a good time to break into selling on EBay, Jordan. I’ve bought many used books on EBay, and your used books would go quick at a good price. You’d pick up a little money and make the bookcase cleaning fun. 🙂

  12. Hi Jordan,

    Please enter me in the drawing for the arc.



  13. Greta, I’m not sure this link will work in the comments, but here is the recipe I used:

  14. Karin, I’m slowly chipping away at my bookshelf. It’s definitely hard. I find myself removing books, then putting them back, etc. I keep asking myself if I’d miss the book if it wasn’t there. Sadly, the answer most often is no. I have three empty boxes left. I’ve already filled ‘6’. I’m going to see how many I can fit into my car. It may take a couple of trips to the library to get rid of them all.

  15. Azteclady, If you say so. 😉

    I have my keeper books currently stored in a box because I don’t have room on my shelves for them. My problem is and has always been that I read VERY slowly and I continue to buy as if I don’t. *ggg* Between that and collecting books from conferences, I am loaded for bear. I cannot even tell you how many brand new (ie I haven’t cracked the spine) books I’ve boxed up. I think I’d cry if I thought about it. Every single one of these books were books I intended to read, was looking forward to reading, but never got around to it with the writing. Sigh.

  16. Ann, My garage and my filing cabinets will be next once I’m done with the bookshelves. It’s tough, but absolutely necessary.

  17. Caffey, I hope you’re on the mend. 🙂

    The weird thing is I’ve never been one for spring cleaning. I mean every so often I get a wild hair and want to dispose of all my clothes and books, but it doesn’t seem to correspond with spring. I think it has more to do with boredom. Snort!

  18. Thanks Danni!

  19. Bernard, I have thought about doing that, but it would take an investment of time I just don’t have. I have to put together a mailing next week for Scarlet. I have to finish editing the Blaze. And I MUST clean this house. It’s been sorely neglected thanks to the edits. Besides, I’m sure the library could use a lot of them. What they don’t use, they’ll sell to raise money. It’s all good. 😀

  20. Oh yes of course I want the ARC, I think I added that in my the comments from yesterday…whoops. 🙄

    Yes yes I am spring cleaning. I have started culling my book shelves but I’m also wanting to clean out my closet and start on the storage closet. I have to take it little pieces at a time though or I get horribly distracted and wander off to do something else. Usually my attention span for these things is about 10 minutes. It’s awful! I’m a hoarder and a piler. 😥

  21. I did fall cleaning and it’s been sitting in my dining room!!!

    I FINALLY Got Mission Arlington out to pick it all up–clothes, books, a washer, shoes etc. FINALLY….and got the Christmas stuff out of the dining room too 😳

  22. Happy Birthday to hubby!! 🙂

    Please feel free to give the cake to me…

  23. Shannon, You’re entered. I have to take it in little pieces, too, but I do it so I don’t get overwhelmed. *g*

  24. Amie, Wow, X-mas stuff. *ggg* I thought I was bad. 😉 I did the same thing before we moved last year. Called the Salvation Army and ended up filling up two of their trucks. (Had to have them come twice.) 😳

  25. Thanks Syl. 😀

  26. Carol, You’re entered.

  27. Please toss my name in the hat to win Scarlet. What an intriguing plotline!

    I haven’t made it to culling the bookshelves yet, but I’m half-way through my huge buffet in my dining room. I’ve completely emptied three drawers and one drawer is stuff I’m keeping. One task I’m not looking forward to is going through tons of photos, framed and not, from when my kids (23 and 26) were little. Their dad and I are splitting so that’s a task to be done together, I suppose. Or I might just pick and let him have his choice of the leavings, since he’s the one that left. The china cabinet will be easy – it is mostly china painted by a dear great-aunt, and a few shells and small statues I’ve collected over the years.

  28. Amy T, Sorry to hear that. My mom is currently sorting through years’ worth of pictures. She said it’s going to take a while, since there are thousands. I hope your task goes smoothly.

    You’re in.

  29. tToss my name for the ARC please. I loved RED can’t wait for this one.

  30. Please toss my name in the hat for the Scarlet ARC – sorry i live so far away and can’t go in the hat for one of the boxes of books.

    Giving the extras to the libray sounds great.

  31. Please enter me in the ARC…it would be nice to see earlier than later as I have been anticipating the publication date.

  32. I would have sworn I commented on here! My mind is officially gone…I’m not surprised. It was only a matter of time. :mrgreen:

  33. Heather, Normally I wouldn’t limit where I ship to, but I’ve crammed so many books in there that I can’t even imagine what it would cost me to ship it internationally. If I didn’t have to do a mass mailing of Scarlet to booksellers, I probably would’ve opened it to everyone. I know how much that’s going to cost me. It isn’t going to be pretty. 😯

  34. Thanks Marnie and Ruth. 🙂

  35. I want my name in the hat!!! 😳