April 18th, 2009
Tattoo The Info On Your Forehead

Every writer should read THIS POST by Lynn Viehl and memorize it for the future.

6 comments to “Tattoo The Info On Your Forehead”

  1. Useful for the present, too. Now all I need to do is get into mass market paperback… 😆

  2. Charli, Yep, MM definitely helps…at least some folks. 🙄

  3. That is a sobering reality check.

  4. That’s definitely interesting information to know. I can’t even imagine what authors go through, especially with this economy. I’m just thankful that so many of you are still able to get your work publish and allow us readers to have something to get us away from all the negative things going on with this recession.

  5. Bernard, It is indeed. With this economy, it’ll become more and more the norm.

  6. Shannon, It’s definitely turned into a much more challenging situation. That is for sure. Publishers are buying far less than they were a year ago. But I think whether all our favs continue to sell or not there will be some good books out on the market.