May 24th, 2009
Jumping The Shark

Like Tess, I missed most of THIS. (Thanking the powers that be for small mercies.) I wish I could say that I find this surprising, but I don’t. The online community seems to become rabid when things don’t fall in line with their thinking. I don’t think that the editors are wrong. I actually agree with them, if you go by households that have computers, etc. The largest percentage of books are still purchased in stores (ie Wal-mart, Barnes & Noble, Borders, Powell’s, etc.). Is that changing? Yes, as more and more people venture online this will definitely change, BUT it’s not there yet. There are still a lot of people who don’t have a computer and even more who won’t buy anything online for fear of theft. Until those people are reached, the majority of sales will fall to the stores.

14 comments to “Jumping The Shark”

  1. Yeah, I saw all this. And the truth is for mainly print authors most of their readers are NOT online.

    Most of my readers aren’t online. That’s just a fact. And maybe 2% of my sales are online.

  2. Vivi, There are a lot of people who don’t like to hear that. :/

  3. Yeah, I know. And I wish we could talk about all of this without the drama.

  4. As a reader (print) ALL my reading/buying is done in print form i do not read estories at all. I prefer to hold the book even if it makes me a tree killer.

  5. grrr i sneezed and hit submit before i finished

    as i was saying – I buy most of my books online now simply because i have no way to get to the physical stores most of the time. As for reviews, I seldom read them, even though I do give them on occassion.

  6. Vivi, That’s just crazy talk. *g*

  7. Tammy, At present, readers like you are in the majority. No doubt about it. There’s nothing wrong with wanting a paper copy. I have certain books I read via ebook and others I want to keep so they end up in paperback (or hardback).

  8. Tammy, I do, too, but that’s mainly because I’ve ran into the bookstores not having what I want. Also, they don’t discount like online stores do.

  9. I do most of my buying in print but have done a little online. I am glad I missed all of this. The controversy over things like this is overly dramatic and almost makes me want to laugh. I feel bad for the editors that they’ve been demonized that like for their honest answers.

  10. Karin, I was glad I missed it, too. I do think it’s fairly ridiculous that the editors got pounced on.

  11. There are some first class Romance Genre Review sites on-line. It would seem logical they would generate more sales at least on the Internet for the E-Pubs. I always thought the majority of that particular genre was purchased on-line. By what the editors stated, that was a misconception on my part. I’m glad they answered the question honestly.

  12. Bernard, You’re right there are some good review sites online. I haven’t personally seen a jump in sales in ANY of my books from online reviews. Not even when I was writing strictly ebooks. Despite the traffic to these sites, people still buy based on word of mouth. Most of the time word of mouth comes from someone they know personally (ie friends and family). I think it’s really easy to believe things are bigger, when it comes from such an insulated segment of the online population.

  13. Bam! You hit it on the head J. That’s it exactly. It’s perception.

  14. Vivi, Word.