May 22nd, 2009
Unedited Crimson Excerpt Now Up

I’ve put an unedited snippet from Crimson up on the CRIMSON page for your viewing pleasure. *g* Enjoy! I’m off to clean the upstairs part of my house. Sigh, sucks to be me today. 😉

6 comments to “Unedited Crimson Excerpt Now Up”

  1. Gah! Okay, I’ve read Scarlet, and I was already foaming at the mouth for Crimson, but that was just cruel! For shame! 😈

    Seriously…wow…great excerpt!

  2. Jackie, *ggg* I hope you enjoyed Scarlet. 🙂 Sorry to be such a tease.

    Thank you! 😀

  3. OMG!!! *Runs to read excerpt* 🙂

  4. Karen, LOL!

  5. Cleaning. Meep. 😯 Better you than me!

  6. Charli, I didn’t get finished so I have more fun to look forward to tomorrow. 🙁