June 26th, 2009
Too Weird

I’m still trying to get over the weirdness of Michael Jackson and Farrah dying on the same day. Oh, and the tastless picture Entertainment Tonight has up on their homepage of a dead Michael Jackson being worked on by paramedics. 😯

6 comments to “Too Weird”

  1. That’s horrible. Shame on Entertainment Tonight.

  2. Karin, Honestly, I’m kind of surprised it was them. I mean really. I thought they were a bit classier than that. Guess not.

  3. It is weird. And sad. Icons of 70s and 80s. 😥

  4. Charli, Yes, it is strange. Seems way too soon to say goodbye to either one.

  5. Farrah Fawcett was being slowly tortured to death by a horrible cancer. In her place, I would have welcomed the end with open arms. I’ve been clueless about Michael Jackson for many years.

  6. Bernard, Yes, she was. She showed a lot of courage and strength all the way to the end. Bless her heart.