July 22nd, 2009
Joining Spree

The other day I went on a group joining spree. I’d been looking at the International Thriller Writers (because several reviews called RED a paranormal thriller and I thought I should learn more about the craft of constructing thrillers), Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (this one should be obvious), and the Horror Writers Association (I enjoyed having my werewolf eat people in the beginning of RED so much I thought I’d see if I could expand upon the theme. *g* As of this entry, I’m waiting to see if the HWA accepts me.) for a few years now.

I’d weighed the pros and cons of joining these organizations and in the end decided I needed to break out of my ‘comfort zone’. I can’t do that if the only groups I belong to are Novelist Inc. and Romance Writers of America. (There’s a lot of cross-over.) I like these three groups for their unique approaches. I like the fact that they’re geared toward professional writers. They each offer something different. I hope to absorb their knowledge. I have two other groups I may end up joining called PASIC (a group within a group) and SCBWI (since I’m currently trying my hand at YA). I’ve heard great things about these groups and may have to check them out.

Do any of you belong to any of the above groups? If so, what do you think about them? What have you gotten out of these groups?

10 comments to “Joining Spree”

  1. That International Thriller Writers looks like one I’d like to investigate further. I’ll have to find out if they accept any e-publishers.

  2. I keep wavering on joining SFWA and I really should. Thriller writers has a lot to commend, too. I keep leaning that way.

  3. Yeah J, I’ve had a few of those groups application forms filled out for a bit. Need to send them in. Like you I want to branchout.

  4. Bernard, I know they do accept some epublishers because I saw a few familiar names on their list (and their list is extensive). I like the fact that published authors, if accepted, don’t have to pay dues.

  5. Charli, I’d been wavering with SFWA for a few years now. I decided to stop wavering and join. As for ITW, you should definitely check it out. I figured I had enough suspense and thriller elements in my work to be a decent fit.

  6. Vivi, You should definitely check out a few of these groups, especially with what you’re writing.

  7. I just joined ITW…I haven’t done much more than look through the prelims. But there was a great post up at murder she writes by Allison Brennan a few days ago that outlined ITW’s mission statement and it looked like something I’d get a lot out of.

  8. Stephanie, That’s all I’ve managed to do thus far. Allison’s post was what prompted me to join.

  9. I’ve been wanting to join the Science Fiction and Fantasy group for a while. Better get on the stick! Didn’t know about the Thriller Writers’s group, but will send the link to my sister! Thanks, Jordan!

  10. Delilah, I just decided to get off my butt. I think it’s good to branch out. 🙂