August 31st, 2009
Back in the Saddle

Managed to write half of my novella for Mammoth Book of Special Ops romances last week. Should finish up a rough draft by the end of this week. I have to type in the changes on an urban fantasy that’s about to go out first, but hopefully that won’t take me long since the edits are done. 🙂

Somehow my recorder ‘forgot’ to tape Eureka on Friday. Not happy. I’m hoping that Hulu has it up soon on their site or that the Sci-fi (I’m sorry, but I refuse to call it SyFy.) channel puts it up soon. I like that little geeky show. Next week Supernatural will air. Finally get to find out what happens when the Devil meets the Winchester boys. 😈 I’m glad it’s airing a week early because it looks like just about every show I want to watch is on Thursday night. 🙄 *$%# I swear I think they do that shit on purpose.

I liked some of Michael Jackson’s music. Thought the tunes were quite catchy. It’s truly sad that he died so young, BUT can we PLEASE put something else on the news magazines internet now?

7 comments to “Back in the Saddle”

  1. They do it on purpose. Eureka was pretty good. Unfortunately for Michael he was about a hundred and twenty in drug years.

  2. Bernard, I think they do, too. :/

    Boy, isn’t that the truth. Not everyone can follow in Keith Richards’ footsteps and live to tell the tale.

  3. OMG Bernard!! I SO want to use that in a book pretty please!!!! *rolling*

    Jordan…read a GREAT interview about Supernatural via Watch with Kristen (that’s via E I think). Lots of sorta spoilery goodness 😀 Then hunted down the trailer for Season 5 and found out CW is doing free downloads of the song used in the trailer (O Death) which I thought was also very cool


  4. Amie, Wasn’t that a great line? *ggg*

    I read that article. You’re right, good stuff. The trailer looks fab. It’s too bad EVERYTHING is playing on Thursday. I’m trying to figure out how in the world I’m going to watch it all.

  5. It’s all yours, Amie.

  6. Thanks Bernard!!!

    JOrdan I’m not even sure what else is on on Thursday nights but maybe it’s tim to invest in a DVR? 🙂


  7. Amie, There is Flash Forward, The Mentalist, Bones, Fringe and that new vampire series. ALL on Thursday. Grumble. Grumble. The DVR can only record two shows at a time. 🙁