September 27th, 2009
Two Surprise Show Endings

There were two shows that surprised me this year. I’ve been watching Eureka since it premiered, along with Warehouse 13. I was getting a little tired of Warehouse 13, but I must say the season finale surprised me. I did NOT see that one coming at all. I LOVE it when a show shocks me. Now I’m wondering if the character is acting with free will or if they’ve been brainwashed. Guess we’ll find out next season. Eureka didn’t shock me per se, but it was definitely an emotional season finale. There were a lot of goodbyes. One I didn’t see coming. I think it’ll change the show’s dynamics.

As for new shows, The Forgotten shows promise and Flash Forward was interesting. The latter had a lot of shades of Lost happening, but I hope as it continues it’ll develop differently. I was looking forward to V, but its future seems to be up in the air if the online reports are true. Cougar Town was interesting. It’s funny. There are a lot of women moments that I can relate to, but I find it vaguely uncomfortable to watch. Not sure why.

Bones will always hold a special place in my heart because I still love the characters. This might be the last season of Supernatural, so I’m watching to close out the show. I don’t like the direction its heading in because I don’t think it’ll end well if they follow through with the battle between Michael and Lucifer (ie Dean and Sam). I’d always hoped that somehow the brothers would win. Don’t see that happening now.

Have you seen any shows that surprised you? Any that disappointed? Do you find any of the new shows interesting?

I’ve finished the fifth round of edits on the UF. I have to read through it one more time, then send it off to critique partners before emailing it to my agent. With any luck it’ll be done by the second week of October, then I can get back to my YA. I have to read through my Special Ops short story one more time, then it’s off to London. YAY!

6 comments to “Two Surprise Show Endings”

  1. Yaaayyyy! You did it! Congrats. You’ll be back to your YA in no time.

  2. Thanks Charli! One more read through for me and I’m done. Stick a fork in me. *g*

  3. I agree with you on Warehouse 13 and Eureka. They need to work on the agents’ relationship in 13 and get rid of a few too many joke moments.

    The Mentalist was fantastic. I really like that show. Simon Baker is perfect in the roll and the supporting cast is a very good mix.

  4. Bernard, I think the problem is they changed Micah’s personality. She was never jokey in the first couple of episodes, then suddenly she was just like the guy. It makes me think that the same person is writing both characters, since they are now indistinguishable.

    Yes, I love the Mentalist. He’s very fun.

  5. I agree 100% on SUpernatural. I really want the brothers to be together again, and not pitted against each other.

    Wharehouse 13, I never saw that coming either, but it still left me strangely blank. I really enjoyed the first couple episodes, but now I’m just ‘meh’. I might have to start watching Eureka, I can find the backshows on the net and start from the beginning. 🙂

  6. Sasha, I was getting that way about Warehouse 13. That’s why the last episode surprised me so much. I wish they’d continue on in that vein, but I doubt they will.