November 29th, 2009
Red The Movie…I WISH

I was asked by the America Reads blogspot to write an entry about turning my book, RED into a movie. I picked a cast, including a producer and director. It was a lot of fun. Anyone who reads my blog knows how much I LOVE movies. Check it out.

They also talk a little about Crimson.

Also found out that SCARLET has been nominated for Best Duo Cover at All Things Urban Fantasy. How cool is that?

This weekend has been spent enjoying the company of friends, celebrating birthdays, and brainstorming a short story. I’m writing it today. Hope everyone has had a wonderful and safe holiday weekend. Time to jump start that exercise program. πŸ˜‰

8 comments to “Red The Movie…I WISH”

  1. Yay for Scarlet! And I’m jump-started. Did weights today, rarr.

  2. Charli, Good for you. I’d intended to workout, but I’ve been writing and doing laundry instead.

  3. Oh yeah, exercise. Sigh. You know, everyone thinks I don’t need it because of my job, so when I talk about needing to get rid of the pounds I’ve gained, I get these. looks. Most roofers don’t work out their tummies, you know, except with beer ounces.

    So. Umm. Where was I? πŸ˜€

    CONGRATS on Crimson! I love that cover–one of my faves of the year.

  4. I would still pick Hugh Jackman.

  5. Gennita, I would think you’d have to stay quite fit to continue your job. It’s some serious manual labor.


    Thank you!

  6. Bernard, I’m afraid he’s too soft for the role. I like him, but he’s not ‘tough’ enough looking.

  7. ‘I like him, but he’s not β€˜tough’ enough looking.’

    I respectfully disagree. Hugh makes Daniel Craig look like little Orphan Annie. But hey, it is your movie. πŸ™‚

  8. Bernard, LOL, I think Daniel Craig’s face looks more worn and he’s great at showing emotion through his eyes. But I’m okay with disagreeing. πŸ˜‰