November 19th, 2009
That Didn’t Take Long

Let the blurring and tarnishing of the Harlequin name begin.

8 comments to “That Didn’t Take Long”

  1. Well, somebody made them take down the Harlequin Historical cover already. But still.

  2. Charli, Yeah, I noticed. The sad thing is I didn’t realize that Harlequin put HH on the historical spines. Talk about MAJOR confusion. Obviously, the reporter was confused. I feel even worse now for the Harlequin Historical authors. They’ll be forever lumped in with Harlequin Horizons.

  3. Everybody loves a good public flogging, so expect all kinds of trash to fly. I’m of the free enterprise model, so if Harl thinks the subsidiary will bake bucks, go for it. Contracts are spelled out – if you enter into a vanity and know the game rules, then it’s really no one else’s issue, right? The confusion will ultimately clear. Publishings evolving at such a rapid clip, new fodder for the mill is due to emerge shortly.

  4. I agree Ursula. I’m all about free enterprise, but this is tarnishing ALL Harlequin authors, especially those who are legitimately published by them through their regular traditional publishing lines.

    I’m one of those authors.

    And I think this whole thing is fucked.

  5. Ursula, I have no doubt you’re correct. *g*

  6. Wow. “Masturbatory”? I hope that woman gets fired.

  7. Jackie, Doubtful. :/

  8. Vivi, I agree the blur of lines is not okay. But with the name change, that should help the issue substantially. I’m not surprised the public at large in the literary community couldn’t resist a good punch and mixed up it’s info. Romance has long been a favorite whipping ‘boy’, which I just chalk up to the rampant sexism that still exists (however covertly) in our society.