December 16th, 2009
Really Not Feeling Christmas…

I know I’ve been rather absent from the blog world. I just haven’t felt up to doing much of anything lately. I managed to get almost all of my Christmas shopping finished yesterday. I have two more gifts to buy, but they can wait until after X-mas.

Speaking of the upcoming holiday, man, I am just not feeling it this year. Not in a Grinch way, but more a ‘can’t this wait another couple of months’ kind of way. (Don’t even get me started on the costs of goods. Cripes!) I’m REALLY not ready for Christmas. I know it’ll come whether I’m ready or not, but man, I’m not ready.

Our tree is up, but there are only nine ornaments on it. *ggg* Yeah, we’re going all out this year. Snort.

Am I the only one feeling this way?

12 comments to “Really Not Feeling Christmas…”

  1. I could use another month, sigh. I love the holidays, but this month is going way too fast. At least we got decorations put up the weekend after Thanksgiving. I’ve made 3 kinds of Christmas candy and am moving onto cookies for giveaway platters. And you know, whatever doesn’t get done, I’m just not going to stress. Maybe I’ll send out New Year’s cards. *g*

  2. Charli, You’re ahead of me. I’ve only managed the cards thus far. *g*

  3. I put the lights, tree, decorations and manger up in the house the week before Thanksgiving. My grandson gets a kick out of the lights and expects them up at my house early. 🙂 It does a lot for my mood too.

  4. I’ve tried everything to get into the Christmas spirit, but even watching every version of The Christmas Carol hasn’t helped. I’m going to see the new Disney version tomorrow at the biggest screen in town in the hopes that maybe, just maybe, the Christmas spirit will hit me. Fingers crossed! 😀

  5. Bernard, I’m sure having your grandson around helps. 😉 I quite enjoy looking at the tree even if it doesn’t have hardly any ornaments on it. *g*

  6. Julie, I think we’re going to break out the videos from last year’s Christmas in Germany. Seeing our niece and nephew get excited over the presents should help. 🙂

  7. Come to my house. The four year old plays with the tree ornaments, shakes the boxes, wants to wrap more, wants to UNwrap…she is 40 pounds of holiday enthusiasm.

  8. Charli, It truly makes a difference around X-mas. Kids make it easy to get excited. 🙂

  9. I think I’m just gonna make it this year. Still have the cards to get out, 3 or 4 gifts to get and I’m set. For once I’m ahead of the game. Normally, I’m down to the wire. LOL.

    Good luck with getting into the spirit. I’m totally there this year. For some reason I’m eager for the holiday.

  10. Liz, I have two left to get and that’s it. Everyone else is done. This is actually cutting it close for me. I’m not normally an early shopper, but I tend to be finished around the first week of December.

    You have reason to celebrate. 😀

    I’m sure my holiday cheer will come at least for an hour or two. Probably when I’m watching Sherlock Holmes on Christmas Day. *ggg* 😉

  11. Oh J, I totally want to see that movie. If I didn’t have a big family celebration, I would totally go and see it that day as well.

    Going to go see Avatar though in the next couple of days.


  12. V, I cannot wait for Holmes. We were going to try to get to Avatar today, but I don’t know if it’s going to happen. If not, we’ll catch it the beginning of next week.

    We want to catch 500 Days of Summer on video and Inglorious Basterds (sp). Didn’t manage to see them at the theater. Have a busy weekend. Going to a whopper Christmas party tomorrow, so won’t have time this weekend.