January 11th, 2010

Went to see Daybreakers over the weekend. If you haven’t seen it, you may want to skip this entry. I am going to include SPOILERS.

First I’ll start with what I liked. I liked the fact that the movie played with vampire lore, while still keeping vamps tied to the night. I liked how they incorporated technology into making the vamps able to get around during the day. The cars they drove were really pretty cool– camera operated and shielded. I liked how the world’s work force had to change hours to exist normally. I liked how everyone smoked because it could no longer kill them. (Nice convincing touch.) I loved how blood deprivation mutated vampires into monsterous creatures. Would’ve liked to see a whole lot more of them. I also loved the fact that there were people who ‘liked’ being vampires.

Now for the dislikes. The story itself could’ve used some punching up. They had some fun ideas, but chose to go a safe/cliched (sorry about the lack of accent) route. I so wanted this to be a fun movie, but it fell short. There were a lot of characters who were put on screen, not because they actually had a part to play, but because they were needed to manipulate the viewer. They had no depth–most had no depth. Okay, only two had any depth whatsoever. That said, I still think it’s worth going to see the film, if you dig vampires and like a lot of blood splatter. Just don’t look to closely at the storyline. 😉

6 comments to “Daybreakers”

  1. I’m not too geeked to see this one. The husband will go see it, but for some reason the preview just didn’t grab me.

  2. Charli, The only thing I liked about the preview was the mutated vampire. They went in a surprising direction with that creature. One I hadn’t expected. It turned into more of a social issue than anything. The near-future world was pretty cool. It reminded me of the first Matrix color wise. It’s definitely worth renting. Like I said, I enjoyed it, but I was hoping for a cooler movie experience. The one I’m most looking forward to is Legion.

  3. Don’t know if I plan to see this one. I’m so not into blood spatters but the story line sounded interesting.

    Maybe I’ll wait for it to come to DVD. Thanx for the heads up.

  4. Liz,

    There’s lots of blood splatter. It’s that kind of story. *g*

  5. As always, thanks for the review. I think we’ll check it out on dvd.

  6. Bernard, Book of Eli will be up next. *g*