February 20th, 2010
Designing and Reading

I’ve been working on the design of my new website. I admit it is taking longer than I’d like. I’m still trying to figure out what I want to put on the site and how to implement the changes. Determining the focus has been tough. I don’t want it to be a mirror image of my current site. I am definitely going back to a cleaner look. I want the books, not the design of the site to brand me. I also want to up the tech by incorporating podcasts and such. Like I said, it’s requiring a bit more planning and thought than I’d anticipated.

I finally finished my online writing class. It was very helpful and has truly opened my eyes to different writing issues. I’ve only tested what I’ve learned on my own writing on a very small scale. I hope that when I dig back into the two manuscripts it’ll be easier. I’m definitely spotting issues in the books that I’m reading. I suppose it’s a sign of a good class. Of course, it’s also made reading very difficult. It’s hard to get past the prose issues and enjoy the stories. And before you think I’m being overly harsh, keep in mind that I’m well aware that I made all these mistakes in my own writing. The realization is painful. Truly painful. I’m continuing to work my way through the RITA books that were sent to me. I have three more to go, then I’ll be done. I’ve decided this will be my last year of judging them for a while. Judging any contest for that matter. I think when you’re in a transition phase it’s hard to focus on anything else.

Went to see Avatar again. Actually liked it a lot more the second time than I did the first. We also went to see From Paris With Love–I admit we only went to see it because it was shot in Paris–but to be honest, it was a silly, fun shoot em’ up. Totally over the top, but it was entertaining. A year from now, we probably won’t remember we saw it. We also watched Whip It, which is about a girl’s roller derby team. Cute movie. Been hearing good things about Valentine’s Day. We may have to see it.

I know it’s been very quiet around the blog. I wish I could say things would change, but they probably won’t until I get the new site up. Thanks for your patience.

All the books that I owed folks have gone out in the mail. You should be receiving them soon, if you haven’t already. Ciao, for now.

8 comments to “Designing and Reading”

  1. I agree with your assessment of FPWL. It was also interesting to see the underside of Paris.

  2. Just got the book today…just in time for vacation, LOL…thanks again.

    Which online writing class did you take? Can’t remember if you mentioned it in an earlier post or not.

    Can’t wait to see the new website.

  3. Toni, It was interesting to see the ‘projects’ in Paris. I agree with Travolta’s character’s assessment of them. They were not what I pictured Paris projects to look like.

  4. Sherri, i hope you enjoy the book as much as I did.

    I took an Odyssey Online Writing course. They have an official one held in New Hampshire in the summer, but I wanted to test the waters before I signed up for a live-in situation.

    I hope to have it finished in a month or so.

  5. I would like to see From Paris With Love, it looks like it would be a fun flick to watch. I could use something brainless and entertaining for a bit. 🙂 Look forward to seeing the new site when it is finished.

  6. Shannon, It is totally brainless bang, bang fun. I found it entertaining. 🙂


  7. My husband’s favorite moment was when Travolta’s character says the Royale with Cheese line from Pulp Fiction. He also said he was the only one in the theatre who laughed. Not a lot of Tarantino fans in MI, I guess. *g*

    Looking forward to seeing your new home on the web.

  8. Charli, Yeah, we were laughing over that line, too. The movie was so silly. I’m not surprised about it being an acquired taste in MI. 😉

    I hope it doesn’t take too long to throw it all together.