February 13th, 2010
Hearts, Flowers, and Puppy Dog Tails…or Something Like That

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. I used to wait with anticipation to see if I would get any gifts/flowers/candy…all through high school and my early twenties. Let’s just say my anticipation was met with great disappointment. I can only remember a few (ie three times) in those years when I actually received a Valentine’s Day gift/card. At the time, it was crushing, but later I wondered why I got so upset. I’m not one of those Valentine’s Day haters, but I do wonder why a celebration of love is relegated to one single day of the year. If you look at it from that perspective, Valentine’s Day loses some of its sparkle. That’s why dh and I really don’t ‘celebrate’ V-day. I want declarations more than one day a year and frankly, so does he.

So for all those who celebrate, Happy Valentine’s Day. If all has gone well, we’ll be sitting in the theater watching Percy Jackson and the Olympians, while you sniff roses and sip champagne. 😉

4 comments to “Hearts, Flowers, and Puppy Dog Tails…or Something Like That”

  1. Oh, so looking forward to that movie! I’m with you, not real big on the V day hype. Although it is a good excuse to eat decorative cupcakes. *ggg*

  2. Charli, Do we really need an excuse to make decorative cupcakes? 😉 *g*

  3. My wife is a Valentine’s Day hater, so I come up with comic poems for her on V-Day. 🙂

  4. Bernard, I dont hate Valentine’s Day. I just don’t really think about it.