April 17th, 2010
Desert Dreams Conference

I’m attending the Desert Dreams Conference this weekend. Will report on Monday.

Went to see Kick-Ass. It wasn’t as good as I’d hoped (the pacing was a little slow), but I thought it was fun. Will probably go see it again. The girl who plays hit girl was perfectly cast. She did such a great job. Even Kick-Ass did a good job. It was also one of the best roles Nick Cage has taken in a long while. He really did a good job. Things I wish they would’ve done. I wish they would’ve given a little more time to developing the friendships. They had potential, but never really got off the ground. I also wish they would’ve sped up the pacing. The story called for faster pacing given the nature of the tale. That said, I did enjoy the film. It was fun. Definitely NOT a child’s movie. If you like people kicking ass and foul-mouthed children, then Kick-Ass is for you. 🙂

9 comments to “Desert Dreams Conference”

  1. Yeah, SO not a kid’s movie with the OOT violence. But I’m looking forward to it, and the husband’s already been.

  2. Um. Meant OTT. As in Over The Top. Moar coffee!

  3. I’ve read the comic series. I don’t think watching it on the big screen is for me. Thanks for the review. It’s pretty close to what I expected. In the comic series the little girl isn’t foul mouthed but she is deadly. I guess if you’re going to have a little girl cutting off limbs, having her spew forth bad words isn’t much of a leap. 🙂

  4. What bothers me to no end, is that everyone is making a huge deal out of her spouting off foul words, and yes I realize she says the C word, but no one seems to have a problem with her killing a bunch of people,

    To me that says an awful lot about our society and how violence is more accepted and even revered than bad language or sex.

    I would accept my kid cursing like a sailor then if they were homicidal.

  5. Charli, I knew what you meant. 😉 I understand. Without my Japanese green tea, I get ‘kind of’ grumpy. *ggg*

  6. Bernard, She was actually terrific in the movie. The language didn’t bother me, but the pacing did.

  7. Vivi, Isn’t that how it always is here in the states? Is Canada doing the same thing? The language didn’t bother me, but then again, I have a potty mouth so no surprise there.

    Sex I think gets far worse treatment than language. People would much rather see people blown up than having sex. Because it’s bad you know. LOL!

  8. Hmm, you know I don’t think censorship in that essence is that prevailant here in Canada.

    We have different ratings here. What would get a R in the US would get a rated M for mature here.

  9. Vivi, It’s our puritanical roots showing. 😉

    Ah, I’m sure it’s the same in the UK.