May 31st, 2010
Books, Movies, and DVD’s…

Well, my order FINALLY arrived on Saturday. I thought for sure someone had snagged it out of the local warehouse. Glad they finally found it. Or perhaps they just took the scenic route. *ggg* Anyway, I now have TWO copies of MAGIC BLEEDS to give away. Yep, that’s two chances to win. All you have to do to enter is state the reason you like the Kate Daniels’ series so much. (Please be more creative than ‘She’s kick-ass or she’s cool’.) On Monday, June 7th, I will draw names and announce the winners here on the blog. So be sure and check back.

Just finished reading Some Girls Bite by Chloe Neill. She’s a new to me author. I wasn’t familiar with her work or her. The premise wasn’t particularly new (ie reluctant vampire trying to learn the undead ropes, etc.), but she definitely knows how to tell a good story. I really enjoyed the book. It was easy to like the heroine. She had her petulant moments, but she called herself on the behavior so the reader didn’t have to, which was a nice change. The second book in the series is already out, but I’m going to wait until the third releases in July and buy them both so I can read them back to back. I can’t wait to see what happens with her and her boss. Talk about tension. 🙂

We finally made it to see Prince of Persia. I’ve really been looking forward to this movie. It was a little on the long-side, but was enjoyable enough. (You know you’ve seen the Mummy too many times when you can actually identify the same locations they utilized. *ggg*) I found myself trying to figure out where I’d seen the various story elements used in Prince of Persia. Some of the scenes came straight out of the Mummy with a little of the Jungle Book (when he runs along the roof) and Indiana Jones thrown in for good measure. There were also elements of Scorpion King and 300 (assassins and sepia tones). Like I said, the story seemed very familiar for a film I’d never seen before. 😉 If you want a forgettable popcorn movie, then Prince of Persia is it. It’s a decent way to kill a couple of hours.

I haven’t dug into the second season of True Blood yet. I plan to have a marathon within the next couple of weeks. Can’t wait. Do you watch True Blood? If so, what do you think? I still prefer the books, but I’m biased. 😉

11 comments to “Books, Movies, and DVD’s…”

  1. I totally love the show more than the books.

    I think the books are good, but are lacking in something for me.

    The show has it ALL. I’m hooked on it like heroine.

  2. Hee-hee, I meant heroin

  3. Vivi, LOL!!! My guess is it’s the sex. *ggg*

  4. Have Magic Bleeds downloaded!

    I liked Prince of Persia much more than you did, I think. Some scenes were right out of District B13 (French movie, showing Parkour) but that was kind of part of the fun, I thought. Very much like The Mummy in spirit. I really wanted to see the ostrich racer get tax-free status at the end and stand there trying to figure out WTF.

    Haven’t read the books or watched True Blood so I have no opinion. I keep meaning to, I just haven’t.

  5. I liked True Blood’s first season well enough to want to see the second. It is a wild one.

    In other TV news, Alex O’Loughlin landed a lead part in the new Hawaii Five-O series. I hope it’s a good one.

  6. Charli, I downloaded Magic Bleeds, too. I’ve now bought the book four times. *ggg*

    Yeah, the movie did remind me little bit of District 13. I enjoyed it well enough. I’d just hoped it would be better. Yes, that would have been funny about the anti-tax guy.

    True Blood is good, but it is definitely different than the books.

  7. Bernard, I really liked the first season, too. I’m looking forward to seeing season two.

    I did see the previews for Hawaii 5-0. I liked what I saw. I hope it is good. Alex is playing Steve Garrett (sp). I have to say he looks better than the original. 😉

  8. I’m hoping this show is the one for Alex. I love him. He was so good in Moonlight.

    Havent’ seen him in that movie with J Lo though…anyone seen it?

  9. Vivi,

    I hope this one works for him, too.

    My mom went to see the movie. She said it was worth a rental because he’s in it.

  10. Hi, Jordan,

    Sadly I haven’t read this series yet, but several friends whose opinions I trust regarding books have praised it to the stars, so I think I owe it to myself to dive in 🙂 Happy June!

    As for True Blood, haven’t seen it, but have several of the books on the TBR 🙂

  11. Fedora, Man, oh man, you’re missing out. Happy June to you, too. 🙂

    The books are very good. Quite different from the show, but enjoyable.