May 3rd, 2010
Still Working

I went back and changed my YA from first person to third. This took a LOT of time, but really added a ton of details that will deepen the story. It’s still missing some action, so I’m trying to fix that now. Back to work.

From what I’ve heard, RT Convention was a good time. It normally is. I wish I could’ve gone this year, but there were choices to be made. RWA is currently flooded out in Nashville. Been through a flood, it wasn’t fun. It also wasn’t an easy clean-up after the waters receded. My advice, put on your boots and watch out for snakes. There were a lot of them when the water went down. Here in AZ, there are still a lot of folks protesting the decision to enforce a Federal law that’s been on the books for years. Just wish folks realized Arizona didn’t write the law. The key word in the above sentence is ‘enforce’. My family will be directly affected by the new law, but we’re okay with that. Fortunately, where I live, it’s still pretty quiet…thank goodness.

Now on a completely separate note: Has anyone seen the Losers? If so, what did you think? I’d really like to see it.

6 comments to “Still Working”

  1. Husband liked Losers. I want to see it.

    Flooding is a mother to clean up after. Been there, done that. I so feel for those people.

    The AZ situation is a tough one. They need to control the border, and I really don’t understand the federal hesitation to do so given the rampant paranoia about terrorists. A big open border is kind of a nat’l security issue, yes?

  2. I’m nearly 40,000 words into my first person POV attempt. After all the third person POV manuscripts and stories I’ve written it sometimes reminds me of being in the dentist’s office for root canal. Some parts are exciting to do and others require ten times the thought in order to provide detail.

    The key as you state is the word ‘enforce’, Jordan. If we had a truly objective ‘mainstream media’ instead of illegal alien enablers the misconceptions spread by the race baiters would be challenged and dismissed by the true details in the Arizona law. After the latest bombing attempt in New York City, the thought of dirty nuke materials being smuggled across our border states ending up in a car bomb is more than a disturbing possibility.

  3. Charli, Thanks for the heads up on the Losers. I really want to see it.

    You and me both on the flooding. They have a lot of crap clean-up to look forward to and snakes. In the midwest/east, there are a lot of snakes that come with flooding.

    It’s definitely a national security risk. Right now, it’s more of a violence and drug mess than anything. We’ve turned into the kidnap capital in the states. 99.9% of the people being kidnapped by the drug gangs are illegal immigrants. It’s truly a sad situation.

  4. Bernard, Writing my first 1st person POV novel was quite a challenge. My writing went from fast to a crawl, but they are a lot of fun to write. I plan to keep at it, so that I get better and better at the books. The root canal analogy is about right. LOL!

    Unfortunately, we don’t have unbiased media and that includes FOX news. They’re just biased in the other direction. Probably why I tend to watch BBC America when I want to see the news. 😉 Yes, it’s possible the materials came across one of the border states (including all those along Canada), but it’s more likely it came in a cargo container off the many ships that enter the N.Y. harbor. We have a VERY large border. It’s not going to be possible to watch every inch of it. Currently, terrorism isn’t the issue here in AZ. It’s the Mexican drug cartels (sp) that are spilling over the border. Drug fights/wars are common place now right over the border and they’re spilling into AZ at an alarming rate. Hence the shoot-outs and kidnappings. Something definitely needs to be done about that. And yes, we certainly have issues with possible terrorists disguising themselves as Hispanic immigrants. I know it’s happened. I know the government has been trying to watch for them, but again there’s only so much you can do. Building a fence isn’t going to work. People simply climb it or go under. Most go under. They need better ideas.

  5. The one to worry about with the shipping containers is the new missile launch system Russia came up with designed to fit in a shipping container. We have the most up to date radiological detection devices in the world for guarding port entry. Across our unguarded and unenforced Southern border is where they will attempt entry for ‘dirty nuke’ materials.

    Fox is the only major news network that is reporting the facts of the Arizona law. All other networks have slanted the law with the race card. The better idea is the Arizona law enlisting local law enforcement in the battle rather than forbidding them to act against law breakers. If the heat is turned up against employers employing illegal aliens and the jobs disappear, the job seekers from the South will stay home and the ones already here will go home.

  6. Bernard, Just because they’re not pulling the race card does not mean that they’re unbiased. We’ll have to agree to disagree about Fox news. 🙂

    As for the containers, there are still things coming into our ports. Just like things still make it onto our planes. It has gotten better, but there is human error and intervention. Russia is just added to the latest list of threats.

    As for AZ, Arizona has enforced the employer law. It came down a few years ago. You are fined out the wazoo if you’re caught employing illegal aliens.