July 17th, 2010
Predators and The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Today we had another movie marathon. We started the marathon out with Predators. I should probably preface this by saying I actually liked Alien vs. Predator in a bad B movie kind of way. Predators starts out with a pretty cool premise. People are randomly plucked off Earth and dropped onto an alien planet so that they may be hunted by the predators. We find out fairly quickly that the selection wasn’t quite as random as it appears. The people selected are ‘predators’ in their own right (ie gangsters, criminals, special ops, mercenaries, African death squad members, etc.). You get the picture. On this alien planet, there are two types of predators, big predators and little predators. The big predators hunt humans and little predators alike. There are also alien dogs. Think Pandora cat, but in dog form. So far, so good. This is unfortunately where the movie starts to fall apart. Instead of creating some interesting new ways to hunt the Predators or evade them, the writer/director decided to recreate several scenes from the original Predator movie right down to the character who stays behind to face the Predator with his shirt off and knife drawn (this time he’s Japanese, not Indian). Sigh, head hits seat in front of me. This is followed by skulls and spines being ripped out, the guy with the chain gun being shot right before the rest of the group opens fire on the jungle, tumbling off a hill pass a waterfall, mud covering the body to fight the Predator, etc. Basically, if you want to know how the new Predator movie is–watch the old one. :/

We took a break for lunch, then returned an hour or so later to see The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. I didn’t have super high hopes for the movie, but it turned out to be a pleasant escape. It doesn’t introduce anything new to movie making, but it is fun and action-packed. The magic flies freely and it doesn’t always work the way the sorcerers want it to, which I found refreshing. The basic premise is that Merlin was betrayed a thousand years ago. Before he dies, he tells Nic Cage to find his heir so that he/she can battle Morgana Le Fay. Once that occurs, the adventure begins. There’s nothing deep about the storytelling, but it’s definitely a popcorn flick. We’d gladly watch it again.

If I had to rank this weekend’s movies, I’d say Inception comes in first place (by a universe), The Sorcerer’s Apprentice would be second, Despicable Me third, and Predators fourth.

8 comments to “Predators and The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”

  1. I can understand your head dropping onto the seat. Why in the hell would they rearrange the deck chairs with all the exact same elements right down to the mud shielding? Thanks for the reviews. I’ll catch these two on cable. 🙂

  2. ah crap, I wanted to see Predators just to see Adrien with his shirt off.

    I’ll wait till its on DVD

    I’m looking at my calendar for the prefect day to go see Inception. I need quality time with myself. 🙂

  3. Husband loved Inception, too. Really deep and twisty, whereas Sorcerer was really fun. Naturally I am more interested in the fun! : D

  4. Bernard, I also forgot how every question about the Predators (ie backstory from the previous movies) was answered in dialogue from people who’d NEVER encountered the predators.

    The Sorcerer’s Apprentice is definitely worth a watch. Renting or cable is probably the way to go.

  5. Vivi, He does take his shirt off and he is ripped, but he spends the entire movie talking like Christine Bale in Batman mode. Not lying. :-/

    You’ll enjoy Inception. It’s twisted and brilliant.

  6. Charli, They’re both good, so you can’t go wrong. 😉

  7. Noooooo, not that flat dead voice.

    I hate that.

  8. Vivi, Yep, THAT Batman voice. *ggg*