October 19th, 2010

I attended a talk on podcasting because it’s something I’ve been seriously considering doing on the new site. For anyone who has met me, it comes as no surprise that I like to talk. A LOT! It’s nothing new. I have the notes on my report cards to prove it. *g* Anyway, a gentleman by the name of Chris Kenneally presented the talk on podcasting. He comes from a journalist background, so he’s quite comfortable in front of the microphone. He even did a podcast in the class while we watched. Chris gave a few pointers to consider if you’re thinking about doing a podcast. In no particular order: Focus on Professionalism and Presentation. Consider getting a microphone flag (It’s a box that slips on your microphone with your logo (ie a mic with CNN around it). Brand=commitment to the customer. Voice is a better way to think about the author brand. You can podcast readings of your books. You can have an audio file on your site for downloading or streaming. Podcasts can be any length, but shorter is better (ie 5 to 20 minutes long). List of tips can be recorded for five minute broadcasts. It can also be about things like research finds. Have a Theme Focus or at least a title to separate the podcast from the other things you do. (ie So You Want to Write a Book, etc.) You’ll need a separate URL if you want your podcast on iTunes. Put together a simple WordPress site for your podcasts. Encourage people to subscribe. Put up links to other podcasts. If you put them on Facebook, then no one has to leave. Frequency is more critical than length. (Kind of like blogging.) You own the copyright to the work. If you do podcasts, put your contact info at bottom of page–in case someone wants to contact for re-broadcasting.

He listed an online service called, ‘Audacity’, which is a free service for podcasts. I’m sure there are others.

I think that should get you all started. 🙂

Dh sent me this YouTube LINK that I thought was very cool. Check it out. I so heart Stephen Fry.

9 comments to “Podcasting”

  1. Podcasting would be very successful if all podcasters had a voice as modulated as Mr. Fry. 🙂 It is an interesting concept to explore.

  2. Bernard,

    I agree. The voice helps tremendously.

  3. I’ve pondered podcasting because it’d save on typing, but then I think about having to focus on a topic and having to plan a regular schedule and I wonder off and look at LOLcats instead.

  4. LOL Charli!

  5. Jordan, awesome stuff about the conference, I’m thinking maybe this is one I should be going to instead of the others.

  6. OhPS saw your vid on Sasha’s site.

    Great stuff.

  7. Vivi, You really should be hitting this conference. It’s not like any of the others.

    As for Sasha’s video, she cornered me as I was leaving. I’ll get her back for it. *evil grin*

  8. For clarity, Audacity is not a service, it’s audio recording/editing software (and is free).

    And yes, as someone who’s built an audience of several thousand people from nothing in the last two years podcasting fiction and feedback shows, I can’t recommend it highly enough as a way of fostering audience engagement.

    Thanks for the fabulous reports out of NINC, for those of us who were unable to make it this year!

  9. Dan, Thanks for dropping in and clarifying. I’ll definitely check it out.

    You’re welcome.:)