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Sunday, November 28th, 2010
Tina Gerow/Cassie Ryan Update

This was put together by Cheyenne McCray and Erin Quinn:

A plea to help someone in need: Tina Gerow/Cassie Ryan has been taken suddenly and seriously ill. She has an affliction called Arteriovenous malformation or AVM in her brain and was taken from a book signing by ambulance just before Thanksgiving. To survive, our dear friend has undergone 4 brain surgeries in one week and will be in ICU for a month. No family is ever prepared for such a thing and Tina’s will be hard put to make ends meet once the astronomical bills for brain surgeons and critical care start rolling in. In times like this, every dollar helps and her friends in the writing community are banding together to ask you to open your hearts (and wallets) to help get Tina’s family through this. Tina’s smiles and laughter are infectious and well known to readers and authors across the country who have embraced her books. Writing as Cassie Ryan, Tina’s most recent release was Seducing the Succubus in October 2010 with Berkley. Her second book in the series, The Demon and the Succubus is due in stores April, 2011. Tina is one of those people who has never met a stranger. If you follow her on Facebook, you’ll know that she’s always greeted each day with a positive outlook and a genuine love for her fellow human. She’s the first to say, “I’m in” when someone needs help. Hopefully, we can all show her that what goes around, comes around by giving back to this amazing person.

Tina lives in Glendale, AZ and is married to Jon Gerow and has a teenage son who thinks his mom rocks. Please send your prayers, positive energy and love out into the universe with Tina’s name on it. Cards can be mailed to: Tina Gerow, c/o SBP PO BOX 42255, Phoenix, AZ 85080.

Any donations you would like to make to Tina Gerow/Cassie Ryan to help with the burden of mounting medical bills, can be given by visiting: or by sending a check to Tina Gerow, c/o SBP PO BOX 42255, Phoenix, AZ 85080.

Saturday, November 27th, 2010
Tina Gerow/Cassie Ryan

Last week I received  horrible news. My friend (and brainstorming buddy), Tina Gerow/Cassie Ryan collapsed at a book signing. According to her family, she has something called Arteriovenous malformation or AVM in her brain. (It’s when the veins in your brain get twisted up and one or more burst.) She’s already had two major brain surgeries with more in her future. The doctors are saying that she will be in intensive care for at least a month.  To add insult to injury, Tina was in the middle of a major house move. As you can imagine, she and her family will need major assistance. Prayer circles have been set in motion. (Any extras are surely welcome.) The family has also set up a site for DONATIONS. Again, any amount given would be appreciated. Please keep them in your thoughts during this trying time.


Monday, November 22nd, 2010
Harry Potter and NaNo…No…No

The weekend was spent cleaning house and organizing living space. Tomorrow the Salvation Army is stopping by to pickup our donations. Once that’s done, I think I may take a run to the library. I have a gorgeous encyclopedia set to donate and about three or four boxes of CD’s. We’ll be cleaning out the DVD’s next. I cannot believe how much stuff we have. At least it’s now sorted, so we know exactly what needs to go to the storage unit and what needs to stay. (Hint: Not much is staying.)

Today we went to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 1.  Quite enjoyed it. Lots of things hitting the proverbial fan. Definitely left off in a good spot, but I really wish the next half was premiering before next summer. Don’t know if we’ll go see it again. It wasn’t really that type of movie. Very dark, quite sad. Afterwards, I headed off to the coffee shop to write. I’m beginning to think that they’ve added days to November. Well, not really. The time is flying by and I’m only about to reach the halfway point in my book. I knew going into this one that I wouldn’t be done by the end of November. Middle of December maybe, but November, not a chance. I’m attending a Screenwriter’s Summit in L.A. taught by Chris Vogler and Michael Hague the weekend of December 12th. Should be interesting. At present, I have no wish to write screenplays (dh is actually a terrific screenwriter), but I expect to get a tremendous amount out of it that will help my novel writing. (Especially if it’s anything like the CD’s that I own by them.) I haven’t made a tremendous amount of progress with NaNo since my last update, a few thousand words is about it. I’m in the second act and have had to rewrite a few chapters due to the Fey surprise that popped up. I think I’ve fixed everything now. As long as there are no more surprises, I should be able to make steady progress. My guess is by the end of the week, I’ll be at the halfway point in the book. That should ultimately put the book around 75-80K before first round edits. All bets on word count are off once the edits start.

I’m already starting to think about what project I’m going to work on next. I cannot decide if I should do the Middle Grade story or start the dark paranormal urban fantasy romance. Of course, I also have to take some time and get the ebooks up on Kindle and try to write a short story for consideration for Blood Lite 3. So very much to do. Should keep me busy through the holidays. 😉

I read that my friend, Jeaniene Frost landed a whopper book deal the other day. WAY TO GO, J!!! Keep Bones and the gang coming. 🙂 Also on the good news front, my friend, Charlene Teglia is expecting to hear the pitter patter of little feet in the future. Congrats Charli!!! I loved hearing good news. I really needed it this week.

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010
30,000 and Counting

Well I passed the 30K mark in NaNo today. Everything was running along smoothly. I was following my outline, and then BAM! My damn Fey character hijacked the scene by kidnapping my heroine. Okay, he didn’t really kidnap her, but he did take her out of the scene I’d started to write and put her in an entirely different location. I had no idea he was going to do it and I’m not really sure why he did it. All I know is that he did and now I’m scrambling to catch up. I finished the chapter, but it doesn’t ‘feel’ like it’s the end of their interaction. No idea what’s going to happen next. I’m actually surprised my heroine is going along with him. She doesn’t trust him and barely likes him. Teenagers!  Sigh.

I have taken a good look at my outline. I don’t think I’ll hit 50K by the end of this month, unless I get this mess straightened out quickly and have several VERY productive days. I only have 13 days left to do it. Of course, even if I do hit 50K, the book won’t be finished. I still have a LOT more story to get down. The detour just makes it harder. I should however make my original goal, which was to finish a rough draft of this YA by the end of this year. I think I can do that.  I have to because I’m itching to work on other projects.

For those participating, are you making progress? Have you had any sudden changes in direction occur? Have you reached 50K? If you have reached that number, then know now that I’m extremely jealous. 🙂

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010
My First Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Convention

I thought I had recovered enough to blog about TusCon 37, but I’m still wiped.  This was my first sci-fi/fantasy/horror con and I must say I had a really good time. I sat on several panels and discussed everything from genre blending to the business of publishing. I was reminded that despite some issues I have with RWA (Romance Writer’s of America) on occasion they really are organized well to get information to new writers. This realization came about when I talked to the sci-fi/fantasy writers in the audience. Most really weren’t sure how to get started and where to find information on publishing. Shannon Butcher and I suggested that they join RWA, even if they have no intention of ever writing a romance. They could at least get the information they need to get started. Shannon was also kind enough to show me how to set up my iPad to show my book covers during a panel. Thank you, Shannon!!! She was a very cool lady. Her and her famous husband, Jim Butcher were the guests of honor at the convention. I was stopped by several people and thanked for my participation. It felt really good that I was able to help people out.

I’d like to send out special thanks to Frances, who invited me to the con. I’ve met her on several occasions at RWA events, but never had the opportunity to really sit down and chat. It made for a very pleasant weekend. I really enjoyed our talks. 🙂 I’d also like to thank Maryelizabeth from Mysterious Galaxy Books. She and her son make quite a team. Maryelizabeth was kind enough to order copies of Red, Scarlet, Crimson, and Blood Lite 2 for me. There was a small signing and I managed to sell a few, which was terrific since I don’t think most  I know most  people had no idea who I was. Mary was also instrumental in introducing me to the folks who organize Coppercon 31 and the Phoenix Comic Con. I’m going to do my level best to attend both next year. Thinking about it, I probably owe Maryelizabeth some chocolate. 🙂

The con covered everything from the Mayan Calendar, which the logical scientific minds soundly dismissed as hokum, to Steampunk clothing. Since I can’t sew to save my life, I skipped the latter. (There were some amazing costumes there and a coat that had my name on it.) I just wasn’t sure how to explain to dh that I’d spent six hundred dollars on a Steampunk coat that I’d rarely get to wear. Excuse my Southern California for a moment. The coat was totally rad. It hurt, but I put it back. 🙁

There wasn’t a lot of information bantered about that I haven’t already covered here for my Novelist Inc. summaries. More and more authors are looking into going Indie. I personally don’t think there’s anything wrong with that as long as they take the time to get their work critiqued numerous times and put together professional covers. Oh and most important of all, write a damn good book. That should go without saying. 🙂

Friday, November 12th, 2010
TusCon 37

Today I’m off to Tucson to attend my first Sci-fi, Fantasy, and Horror Conference. I’ve never been to a Sci-fi, Fantasy, or Horror conference, so I’m not quite sure what to expect. This one is smaller, so I’m thinking that’s a good thing. I’m going in with an open mind and a sense of adventure. Never give up. Never surrender.  *g* I’ll be sitting on a few panels with Jim Butcher, so I will definitely be in good company. 🙂  Wish me luck! See you on Monday.

As an aside, I’m taking my Neo and iPad with me so I can continue with NaNo. Yep, I’m the picture of dedication. *ggg*

Thursday, November 11th, 2010
Veteran’s Day

I’ve passed the 25000 word mark today on the book. The next bit is going to go slower because I’m free writing from here on out. I hope everyone participating in NaNo is making progress. That’s the most important thing to aim for this month.

Now to something far more important. Today is Veteran’s Day. I never met my ‘real’ grandfather. I grew up with a man I loved and who was very real to me. He was my world. In my mind, he’ll always be my grandpa. That doesn’t change the fact that my ‘real’ grandfather rests in Hawaii at the Punchbowl cemetery. He died in WWII, when my mom was very little. I don’t know how much action he saw in Japan and ultimately it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that he served. And in the end, he gave everything to make sure that my mom and grandma would live free and safe from the horrors of war. I honor him and the brave men and women who have served and continue to serve this nation. Thank you! May you come home safe.