November 16th, 2010
My First Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Convention

I thought I had recovered enough to blog about TusCon 37, but I’m still wiped.  This was my first sci-fi/fantasy/horror con and I must say I had a really good time. I sat on several panels and discussed everything from genre blending to the business of publishing. I was reminded that despite some issues I have with RWA (Romance Writer’s of America) on occasion they really are organized well to get information to new writers. This realization came about when I talked to the sci-fi/fantasy writers in the audience. Most really weren’t sure how to get started and where to find information on publishing. Shannon Butcher and I suggested that they join RWA, even if they have no intention of ever writing a romance. They could at least get the information they need to get started. Shannon was also kind enough to show me how to set up my iPad to show my book covers during a panel. Thank you, Shannon!!! She was a very cool lady. Her and her famous husband, Jim Butcher were the guests of honor at the convention. I was stopped by several people and thanked for my participation. It felt really good that I was able to help people out.

I’d like to send out special thanks to Frances, who invited me to the con. I’ve met her on several occasions at RWA events, but never had the opportunity to really sit down and chat. It made for a very pleasant weekend. I really enjoyed our talks. 🙂 I’d also like to thank Maryelizabeth from Mysterious Galaxy Books. She and her son make quite a team. Maryelizabeth was kind enough to order copies of Red, Scarlet, Crimson, and Blood Lite 2 for me. There was a small signing and I managed to sell a few, which was terrific since I don’t think most  I know most  people had no idea who I was. Mary was also instrumental in introducing me to the folks who organize Coppercon 31 and the Phoenix Comic Con. I’m going to do my level best to attend both next year. Thinking about it, I probably owe Maryelizabeth some chocolate. 🙂

The con covered everything from the Mayan Calendar, which the logical scientific minds soundly dismissed as hokum, to Steampunk clothing. Since I can’t sew to save my life, I skipped the latter. (There were some amazing costumes there and a coat that had my name on it.) I just wasn’t sure how to explain to dh that I’d spent six hundred dollars on a Steampunk coat that I’d rarely get to wear. Excuse my Southern California for a moment. The coat was totally rad. It hurt, but I put it back. 🙁

There wasn’t a lot of information bantered about that I haven’t already covered here for my Novelist Inc. summaries. More and more authors are looking into going Indie. I personally don’t think there’s anything wrong with that as long as they take the time to get their work critiqued numerous times and put together professional covers. Oh and most important of all, write a damn good book. That should go without saying. 🙂

8 comments to “My First Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Convention”

  1. Thanks for the wrapup J.

    I have been looking to going to a few different cons next year, instead of RWA.

    Might hit NINC in 2011

  2. Good post! Wise decision on the coat. 🙂

  3. Vivi,

    I’m only hitting RT and NINC for major cons next year. Unless something dramatic changes for me and I need to go to N.Y. for meetings, then I’m going to skip RWA.

    I LOVED NINC this year. Best conference I’ve been to in YEARS.

  4. Bernard, My dh agrees. *ggg*

  5. Sounds like a fun time! And yesyesyes on writing a good book and being professional about the finished product.

  6. Oh yeah!! I get to see you at RT!! Wheeee!!

  7. Yep, V, I’m going to try to get my chubby butt there. *ggg*

  8. Charli, It was fun. I’m glad I went.

    A professional book is a MUST.