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Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

I’ve been waiting and waiting to see a review or three done on Blood Lite 2, but there’s been nothing. We’re talking crickets people. I don’t expect everyone to love it or my story in general, but you would’ve thought that someone, someplace would’ve reviewed it by now. I finally found a review on Critical Mass. They had the following thing to say about the anthology:

Blood Lite 2: Overbite edited by Kevin J. Anderson, Gallery, 2010, $16, ISBN 978-1-4391-8765-4

Following the success of the first volume, the Horror Writers Association provides its second selection of humorous horror.  Truth in advertising – I have a story in this one.  Humor is a peculiar thing varying from person to person, so what I might find hilariously funny might strike someone else as leaden or just silly, and humor mixed with horror is even trickier.  Not surprisingly that means that I didn’t find that all of the entries here tickled my funny bone, but there were no real clunkers either.  A few were quite effective, however, and I think on balance this is a better collection than the first.  Lucien Soulban has an absolutely hysterical sendup of the Cthulhu Mythos, a subject I would have thought long exhausted of new potential.  Jeff Ryan provides the funniest grossout story I’ve ever read.  Jordan Summers introduces us to the ghoul police.  Sharyn Crumb describes the consequences of appointing a Native American god as a college department head. Jeff Strand’s tale of a plan of revenge gone hysterically awry is also excellent.  Very good stories as well from Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Steve Rasnic Tem, Nancy Kilpatrick, and Edward Bryant.  The balance are all pretty good as well.  A couple of them did not seem to me to have any humorous content, but they were entertaining anyway.  10/6/10

I’m tickled that my story was considered one of the standouts. Now back to work on NaNo. Sigh.

Monday, November 8th, 2010
Is It Wrong To Want To Kill My Heroine?

So today I passed the hundred page mark. This should be cause for celebration, but there’s only one problem–I still haven’t reached the first major turning point. As some of you might recall, I wrote a partial draft of this book a while back and knew something was off with the pacing. (I have issues with many writing aspects, but pacing is not one of them.) I thought taking the time to re-chart the book would solve the hundred and something page turning point problem. Sigh. It hasn’t. I know I’ll reach the first turning point soon…I’d say in another thirty pages, but (and that’s a big BUT) I’m right back where I started with the turning point problem. And I honestly don’t know how to fix it.  Today, I considered killing my heroine off for fun. Yeah, I went there. If I could’ve figured out how to tell the rest of the story without her, then she’d be pushing daisies right now.

I’m still in the beginning stages of NaNo and I’m seeing problems that are going to be a pain in the ass to tackle later. I don’t want to stop because I have momentum going and I really, REALLY want a first draft of this book done. But, if I don’t fix this, then this book is going to be monstrously long–not in word count, but in page count. (I tend to write slim with LOTS of dialogue. I shudder to think what’s going to happen to the length when I go back and start filling in the description.) I’m currently eating Belgium dark chocolate and it’s not helping.

Time for a distraction…

Tonight I watched a Behind the Music special on Pink. I am so inspired by her fearlessness and her ability to get excited about potential failure. She loves having the opportunity to fail. It is an enviable trait that I’d like to cultivate. The woman may be tough and an in-your-face punk on occasion, but you have to respect her directness and tenacity. She values loyalty and honesty. Nothing wrong with that. Oh, and she’s shit hot talented to boot. 🙂 Watching her motivates me to strive to be a better writer, a better artist. I wish she’d been around when I was singing in cover bands.  I would’ve been all over her music.

As an aside, I picked up a new book (no comments from the peanut gallery please). The book is called Afterlight: The Dark Ink Chronicles and is set in Savannah, Georgia. Savannah is one of the prettiest towns I’ve ever visited. (The residents joke that the reason why it’s stayed so pretty is because they’re really good at surrendering. *ggg*) It’s a little weird vibe-wise because it has a mix of artistic young people (cool), southern food (yum), voodoo (strange), and ‘white’s only’ clubs–where Jews and people of color need not apply (creepy). I suppose the odd mix adds to its flavor. I know the author of Afterlight has done a fabulous job of capturing the feel of the city. If you’ve never had the pleasure of visiting Savannah, you’ll feel like you have once you read the first few chapters of Afterlight. Anyway, I’m not too far into the book, but I am really enjoying it. It’s labeled as a vampire romance, but it reads more like a hybrid urban fantasy. I know a lot of you are burnt out on that genre, but if you are one of the people still enjoying UF/R (like me) then check it out. 🙂

Thursday, November 4th, 2010
Well It’s Day Four

Well NaNo is well underway. It’s day four and I’ve already managed to miss one day. (No, I’m not done beating myself up over it yet. Maybe next week.) Other than the miss, it seems to be chugging along. I do admit it’s a little rougher than the last time I attempted it. I wasn’t altogether ready, but I refuse to let that stop me. I managed to vomit out 1500 words today. Not a lot, but more than I did the day before. You have to take the wins where you can. Other than going out writing or doing timed writing, I haven’t been up to much. There are a few movies that I’m interested in seeing this weekend. Not sure if I’ll make it. It depends on if I get my word count in.  I would be supremely happy if I could hit 50K at the end of this month. I have 39K to go, since I’m currently sitting at 11K.
If you are participating in NaNo, how is it going? If you’re not, what are you up to? Anything special?

Monday, November 1st, 2010

I wasn’t going to join NaNo this year, but I needed the extra push to finish this urban fantasy YA novel. I doubt very much that I’ll get 50K done, but stranger things have happened. I know I ‘can’ do it, since I’ve written a 65K EC book in a month. It’s just been a while. I have charted the book out. The plan is to get a timer and do three chunks of writing. When I’m done with the three chunks, then I’m calling it a day. I’ve already cleaned my desk–a must for starting anything like this, so I’m good to go. I do have to print out another chapter since I’m using some of my old work, while adding a ton of new stuff. Wish me luck!

Are you participating in NaNo? If so, are you working on something new or are you trying to finish a book that’s been haunting you? Yes, I know Halloween is over, but I try to hold on for as long as I can. 😉