December 30th, 2010
Don’t Mind The Crashing Sound And The Smell Of Burning Flesh

It was just me FINALLY finishing the never-ending YA that I started MONTHS, AND MONTHS, AND MONTHS ago. Homer Simpson’s ‘Woo Hoo’ shouts all around.

Note to self: Next time you try a new genre stick with a point of view you’re comfortable writing in.

I really thought for sure that I was going to miss my self-imposed end of the year deadline . So much in fact that I was bummed out by the idea, but I got a strange second wind right before Christmas and decided to dig in, which is why it’s been so very quiet around here. Well, I finished the first  very rough draft a few minutes ago. YAY!!! I cannot begin to describe the relief at having this manuscript finished. This book was harder to write than my first historical. Of course, it did have a MUCH bigger plot, but still… I keep waffling between exhaustion and elation.  Tomorrow we’re having friends over to celebrate New Year. I can actually celebrate without regrets.  I cannot however rest on my big fat laurels. The deadline for Blood Lite 3 is closing fast and I’d like to get my submission in. Thank the universe it’s only 3 to 5K. Dh and I started brainstorming the idea over the weekend, but I refused to work on it until the YA was finished. So far we’ve come up with some really funny stuff. Hopefully Mr. Kevin Anderson will feel the same way and pick it to be part of the anthology. I’ll keep you posted.

What do you have planned for New Years?  (As an aside, has anyone read the new Cherry Adair book, Undertow? It sounds great.”

8 comments to “Don’t Mind The Crashing Sound And The Smell Of Burning Flesh”

  1. Way to go Jordan! Happy New Year!

  2. Bernard, Happy New Year to you, too. 😀

  3. HURRAH! Good for you! And now, onto Blood Lite 3. : D Nice way to start off your new year.

    Haven’t read the new Cherry Adair, but I enjoy her books so I will be picking it up.

  4. Thanks C!!! Absolutely! I’m looking forward to writing the BL3 story. I think it’s going to be fun. 🙂

    I ended up buying the Cherry Adair book. I really do like her stuff.

  5. :o) Good luck!

  6. Thanks Shi!

  7. Happy New Year J!

    So happy you finished the YA.

    I finished my YA yesterday. I wrote it longhand so now i have to type it all in. Groan!

  8. Happy New Year to you, too, V!

    Thanks, you have no idea what a relief it is.

    YAY!!! OMG! You are going to be at it for a while. I only did a few pages in longhand and it took me forever to decipher my writing. *ggg