January 27th, 2011
Gothic Passions

Tonight I set GOTHIC PASSIONS free. It should be up everywhere in a few days. I’m very fortunate to have gotten a kick-ass cover. Feast your eyes on the gorgeousness. 😉 Here is a quick blurb:

Vampire Richard Sebastian Stuart, the sixth Earl of Lyon has supped from the finest necks in England, but when he encounters an innocent maiden named Lily, desire turns to lust, lust to passion, passion to obsession. He will do anything to possess her, even strike a deal with the devil himself. One taste will never quell his aching hunger for the one and only woman, strong enough to tame the insatiable beast within and become his eternal mate.

Lady Lily Devlin has no intention of being anyone’s possession. She saw how that kind of love destroyed her mother. Lily hasn’t met a man that she couldn’t thwart. She’s determined that Lord Lyon will be no exception, but she didn’t count on his single-mindedness or his…insatiable appetites.

My edits on Atlantean’s Quest: The Arrival continue. They are going FAR better than I had anticipated. I am adding more than I thought, not changing, ADDING. Right now the book is just shy of 55K and I still have half to go. :-O It will be a beast by the time I’m finished. I have to admit that I am having fun putting these books up. (Well, when I’m not stressing through the process.) It’s great to finally have a little control. (wg)

10 comments to “Gothic Passions”

  1. Love it! I wish I was enjoying my edits as much as you seem to be. Maybe it’s because mine really need some work. LOL

  2. Gorgeous cover.

    I’m kinda glad I didn’t get around to buying the first Atlantean books now I can get them as you meant for them to be :gleefully rubs hands together:

  3. That is an incredible cover!

  4. Sasha, I think that’s a HUGE part of it. Keep in mind that all these books have gone through edits already for publication. I’m just making small adjustments and adding more info. That’s not the same as trying to ‘fix’ a book 🙂

  5. Sherri, LOL! I’m not exactly sure what I was ‘going for’ when I wrote the Atlanteans the first time. (A youth and ignorance are indeed blissful at times. *ggg) As for the changes, I’m just expanding what is already there. I wouldn’t say I’m making them what they were meant to be. That would require me knowing what I was going for when I wrote them in the first place. Snort. 😉

    That said, they will be better than they were– and longer. (wg)

  6. Thanks Bernard! I really love this cover. I think Croco did a terrific job with it and the follow up book, Rose’s Rapture.

    I picked up your book last night on Kindle. Can’t wait to read it again. 🙂

  7. Whee! Fun times! I think the Atlanteans really lend themselves to expansion, glad you’re getting the chance to do it. Gorgeous cover for Gothic!

  8. Charli, Yes, they are easy to expand and tweak. Yeah, I can’t believe how much I’m enjoying the story. Thank you! I really love the cover.

  9. That cover is simply gorgeous, Jordan! I just followed the link and bought a e-copy. 😉

  10. I know, Frauke really did an incredible job. Thanks Vanessa! 🙂