January 20th, 2011
Random Thoughts

As you can see from my sidebar, I’m beginning to get the new covers up for my previously published books. I’m filling out stat sheets to have more covers made. Today, Sylvia will be walking me through the process of how to upload my work. I have two books ready to go and another one on the way. If some reason I don’t get how to do this whole process (always a possibility, since I’m a slow learner), then I have a lovely lady willing to do it for me. I just thought I should give it a shot first. I never thought of myself as an Indie publisher. I’ve worked hard to get the book deals that I’ve landed. I’d always figured that I would continue to pursue N.Y. publishing, but now I’m not so sure. I am enjoying the short story market. I hope I continue to sell my work there. But I’ve been thinking a lot about what Stephen King said about when an author should approach an agent. Please forgive the paraphrase. He said, “An author shouldn’t worry about getting an agent until they are making a lot of sales. Until you are, the author isn’t worth the agent’s time.” Right now, I’m curious if that’s the case. I am hearing a lot of stories from friends and acquaintances about agents dropping people because they aren’t ‘bestseller enough’. WTF?

I’m entering the Indie market with several previously published books. They will be re-edited, but I have no idea how well they will do. The whole experiment might be a bust. I don’t think so, but you never know. I will be curious to see how it progresses. I have three original pieces that I will probably add to my re-releases. One will be coming out for sure, since it ties into one of the books I’m releasing. My plan is to keep you updated on my progress. The ups and downs of self-publishing my backlist and the lessons I learn along the way.

I was getting my hair done the other day and overheard the woman next to me talking about her dog. It was a rescue animal. Apparently, someone thought that putting a litter of puppies in a sealed plastic bag and dumping them in the trash was an okay thing to do. Most of them died. Three survived. Her dog was one of the three. As I listened horrified, I realized something: How someone treats animals truly reflects what kind of person they are on the inside.

And I personally don’t want to be anywhere near that rotting flesh. Sometimes people really piss me off.

12 comments to “Random Thoughts”

  1. Good luck! Uploading isn’t hard– if I can do it, you can:-).

    Who’s doing your covers? I like the one for “Paris After Dark.”

  2. Hey Ellen, Thanks! We worked on it for several hours. Looks like we’ll get it up tomorrow. It seems to be more time consuming than anything. I think it will get faster as I do more of them. 🙂

    Croco Designs makes my covers. They also did the Gothic Passions and Rose’s Rapture covers on my book page. Frauke and her gang do great work.

  3. Those covers are very good. I think it’s a good move to repackage your works for sale independently no matter how it turns out. I agree with you completely on treatment of animals by monsters disguised as humans. It’s the main reason animal torture is so high on serial killer profile lists.

  4. Woot for backlist! I still don’t have rights back on any of my stuff. Although some of it should start coming up in the next year.

    I do have some stuff ready to format and upload but I have not been a ball of fire on getting that done. It’s on my To Do list, though, and really, sooner is better.

    Glad 3 of the puppies were rescued. And animal lovers out there, remember that a lot of people are under financial duress and unable to care for pets so shelters need more support now. They only have the funds to help so many, so every volunteer and/or donation matters and keeps more pets from being dumped.

  5. Bernard, Thank you! I can’t wait to see what she does with Atlantean series. It should be pretty cool.

    The whole animal thing made me sick. It’s weird, I can watch homicide investigation shows, but show me anything about animals being tortured or abused and I lose it. 🙁 I feel that way about any group that cannot defend themselves (ie kids, the elderly, etc.). I definitely think there should be special circumstances for all of the above. Grr…

  6. Charli, I just got lucky that the contracts’ expirations coincided with this wave of indie publishing or I’d only have a few original pieces to put up.

    You have bigger and more important things happening in your life right now. Sooner is better, but again, you have to take care of you first. 🙂

    Yeah, me too. Those are very important points. I have several friends who work at shelters. I admire that ability. I can’t even walk by a Pets Smart adoption day without wanting to take everyone home with me. I’ve already told dh that when we get into a place that’s dog friendly he’s going to have to be the one who goes to the shelter. I’ll be the one waiting in the car crying. LOL!

  7. Love the covers! Glad to hear you’re getting the rights and getting the books out there.

    I can’t believe people can be so cruel! We have this great vet by us who does animal adoption. They have the most amazing animals there, so loving and affectionate and fun. Why anyone would want to hurt another creature, because what you describe took work, it’s disgusting.

  8. Love the new covers! Frauke always does such great work.

    I can’t abide when animals get hurt. Just saw a movie the other day and was very upset by the horse dying because he was run to death to save the main character’s life. Took the enjoyment of the movie right out of me. 🙁

  9. Ursula, Thank you! The first one is already up. Gothic Passions will be next. I look forward to getting the new covers for the other ebooks.

    I know. It sickens me. Truly sickens me.

  10. Patrice, Yeah, she does a great job.

    I’m the same way with movies. Anything like that happens and it takes me right out of the picture.

  11. Jordan,

    The new covers are fabulous! All best with this new venture. Looking forward to reading about your journey. Mucho interesting.

    About the puppies… makes me ill just to think about it. I’m a HUGE animal lover and can’t bare to hear or read about mistreatment or, horrors, torture.

    Rotting flesh, indeed.

  12. Beth, Thank you! I’ll keep you and everyone else posted on how it goes. I expect sales to take a while to catch on. Hopefully they do. Everything is kind of wait and see.

    I hear you. It’s just UGH!