February 25th, 2011
Indie Authors Have You Noticed…

This is a question for all those Indie authors out there (ie authors re-releasing old work and original work). Have you noticed an uptick in publishing related spam lately? Over the last two to two and a half weeks, I’ve been receiving more emails and snail mail geared for self-publishing than I have in the last three years. I don’t know if someone has trolled Amazon, B & N, and Smashwords for names or if one of the establishments have sold the info. I suppose names could’ve been looked up, but it seems odd given the nature of the info on the envelopes. I’m getting a ton of crap from small one-man/group publishers claiming to be able to help me become a bestseller. All I need to do is sign up with them or attend an online seminar, etc. (Yeah, and I have a bridge in Idaho to sell you, too.) I wouldn’t have thought anything of the uptick, but I find it odd that it occurred shortly after I re-released some of my backlist. It’s especially annoying since a lot of it is coming through the mail, claiming I’m on their mailing list. I’d love to know how I ended up there, since I NEVER sign up for mailing lists. I’ve had authors add me to their mailing lists without asking, which I find irritating to say the least, since they should know better. It’s always embarrassing having to go back and ask to be removed. But when strangers tell me I’m on their mailing list and I’ve never even heard of them or what they’re hawking, I begin to wonder just how I ended up there. Yes, Million Dollar Author Club I’m talking to you.

I’ve had an incredibly busy week and not a second of it was spent doing the work I needed to get done. It’s frustrating to say the least. Hopefully I can make up for it over the weekend. On a positive note, I’m down six pounds in five weeks. I know that’s minuscule to most folks, but for me it’s darn near a miracle. I lose weight SLOWLY and put it on super fast. Six pounds is practically light speed for me. Sad, but true. I have a long way to go, but at least the scale is FINALLY moving in the right direction. 🙂

4 comments to “Indie Authors Have You Noticed…”

  1. That’s awesome progress, and just the right pace; a pound a week is a very healthy and sustainable weightloss rate. Good for you!

    I’ve had a lot of writers wanted spam type stuff lately, too, and I think it’s due to the new ways to publish without much investment; it’s given writer scams a whole new realm, alas.

  2. Charli, Thanks! It’s so frustrating that it’s not a little more. I envy those two pounds a week people. Even when I was younger I couldn’t lose weight that fast.

    Oh good, well, not good, but it’s nice to know that it’s just not me. I’m so grateful that I’ve been around the block a few times and know better than to give any of this crap a second look. 🙂

  3. The second I put up a 99 cent special on Amazon the spam began for both publishing and advertising published work. It’s Amazon. They do know how to make a buck. 🙂

    Six pounds is outstanding. The rule of thumb is a pound a week or you won’t keep it off. Remember not to think much about it when you hit a plateau where you’re still working out like a gladiator and eating like a canary. It happens a couple times. To beat it you have to vary your diet slightly and add a few minutes onto your exercise program. Mine happened at each twenty pound down marker. Those are the dangerous times when you are tempted to say screw it. 🙂

  4. Bernard, I wasn’t sure who it came from since I’ve also received email specific things from B & N. I knew it was one of them. *g

    I plateaued last week, where I didn’t lose any weight from the week before, then this week I was down a pound and a half. I do hear you on staying vigilant. I can tell when my mindset starts to swing to the ‘why am I doing this, screw it’ portion of our program. I find myself thinking about sabotaging my portions. 🙁 And you’re right, they are dangerous times. I’m still hanging in there though. I desperately want to be back to fighting weight. 😉