February 12th, 2011
Pirates, Pirates Everywhere, But Where’s The Rum?

On a lot of the lists that I’m on, the battle between authors and pirates remains fierce. I wish I could say that I was never like that, but I was, when I first started in publishing. I went around turning in every site that illegally carried my books. Every once in a while, I still get a wild hair and I’ll fire off an email. Afterwards, I chastise myself for getting worked up about nothing. Because it really is nothing. Pirates aren’t hurting my sales. Most of the people who’ve illegally downloaded my books wouldn’t have bought me in the first place. If anything, I need to be pirated more. That way people will be familiar with my name and may be more apt to buy my future work when it comes out. I was reminded of this when I watched this video: NEIL GAIMAN discusses getting pirated. The video is four minutes and change, and well worth a listen. I’ve read about his thoughts on pirating before, but I think this short interview sums up why we as writers shouldn’t sweat it.

Now I’m off to finish the last thirty pages of edits on THE ARRIVAL and do a kettle bell workout. And by doing a kettle bell workout, I mean I’m going to try to get halfway through Jillian Michael’s kettle bell workout without collapsing. *ggg Note to self: Buy a lighter kettle bell.

4 comments to “Pirates, Pirates Everywhere, But Where’s The Rum?”

  1. He makes the excellent point that the real problem is the lack of people reading for pleasure, and the more people we can get hooked on that, the more customers authors/booksellers/publishers have. I try to ignore the pirate stuff. I did get bent out of shape over a legit site hosting pirated books blatantly alongside the authors’ and publishers’ legit offerings, but otherwise…there’s no stopping it.

  2. Charli, No, there is no stopping it. Writers have more important things to do like write books. Obscurity is the author’s worst enemy.

  3. Gaiman’s probably right and there’s just not a lot we can do about it anyway.

    The Torturess Michaels will fill your days with hell but it will be worth it. I’m in as good a shape as I’ve ever been and her ‘No More Trouble Zones’ still kicks my butt even after a year. I’m glad it’s not me doing the ‘Kettle Bell’. It’s just some basketball for me today. 🙂

  4. Bernard, You’re right. Really can’t do a damn thing about it, so why worry?

    LOL, I just got motivated after seeing a woman online who’d lost 100+ pounds by doing kettle bells. As for Jillian’s workout, wow, just WOW! I didn’t make it far. I think I’m going to have to switch between a lighter dumbbell and my kettle bell for a while until I can make it through the workout. It definitely kicked my arse. I can only imagine the pain of ‘No More Trouble Zones’.