March 18th, 2011
My Precious…

When Christine Feehan first came out with Dark Prince, I fell in love with her Carpathians. I bought every paperback that she released the first seven/eight years. We’re talking paranormal romance crack. I still own them all. After a while, I decided I wanted the beginning books in hardback–much like I did Stephanie Laurens’ original Cynster series. I managed to get all the books that I could of Stephanie’s (still bitter that I can’t get Devil’s Bride, Scandal’s Bride, On A Wild Night, On a Wicked Dawn, and Captain Jack in hardback). Yes, I know that Captain Jack wasn’t technically a Cynster, but I loved him. Anyway, I managed to get the first several books in hardback–thanks to library sales and large print books. It’s not perfect because they don’t match, but beggars can’t be choosers. (Yes, it bugs the hell out of my anal side.) Anyway, I thought I’d be able to do the same with Christine Feehan’s books until I looked. All the titles I wanted in hardback were being sold for a King’s ransom. It chaffed my bottom. I couldn’t even begin to afford all of them or any of them for that matter. Okay, I take that back. The price did drop enough for me to buy Dark Fire, which is one of my favorites. So long story short, I was THRILLED to see that her publisher was reissuing Dark Prince in hardback. Hopefully it will only be the first of MANY. Do I really want to have to buy every hardback, when I already own the books in both paper and ebook? No, but I will because I REALLY want to own them in hardback.

The funny thing is I’ve never been much of a hardback book person. My favorite type of book has always been mass market. It was only after I realized that there are certain authors I read repeatedly (ie every year) that I decided to invest. I own a couple of Charlaine Harris books in hardback (I love her Grave series). I also own Karen Marie Moning’s Darkfever series in hardback and Patricia Brigg’s Mercy series. (Please for the love of Pete release Iron Kissed in hardback so my collection is complete.) Basically I buy any series that I tend to read repeatedly or I enjoy so much that I want to have them FOREVER. When I can’t get the books in hardback, I still collect them in paperback (I’m looking at you Ilona Andrews and Karen Chance), even though these days I read pretty much everything on an e-reader.

What about you, do you collect books? If so, do you collect hardback, paperback, ebook or all of the above?

4 comments to “My Precious…”

  1. I confess to loving hardbound books. I’ve always waited until the local bookstore would have one of those sales where you could pick up five hardbound titles for twenty bucks. I picked up King’s The Cell, and Koontz’ Brother Odd that way.

  2. I have always relied on hardcover in the past for books that I re-read repeatedly. Paperbacks just don’t hold up to that. But now I’m seduced by the ease of storage and stamina of ebooks; they do not wear out. And I don’t have to lug another damn box the next time I move.

  3. Bernard, Yeah, I love library sales and bookstore sales. My next hardback goal is to collect the first ten Laurel K. Hamilton Anita Blake books.

  4. Charli, I love my ebooks. No doubt about it. The only thing is I don’t feel like I own them unless I save them to my computer, which I haven’t done with all of them yet. I will tote the hardbacks with me, but I have way fewer books in general on my shelves these days.