April 17th, 2011
Viva Las Vegas

I finally ‘finished’ edits on AQ 2. Are they really done? No. I still have to type them in, and then send them off to my critique partners. That won’t happen until I get back.

I’ve uploaded some new work into Dropbox, so I have a few things to play with while I’m in Sin City. You didn’t really think that I was going there to play, did you?

I also have the iPad loaded with movies, books, games, comics, photos, and music. What? I like to be prepared. *ggg I’ll catch you guys in a few. Vegas here I come. (evil grin)

4 comments to “Viva Las Vegas”

  1. Good job on AQ2! Go play and have fun. And watch the pirate battle for me!

  2. Charli, I will. Argh! Yo, Ho!

  3. YAY on getting the edits done. You need a break, so enjoy Vegas!!

  4. Sasha, I will. I’m really looking forward to getting away. 🙂