April 16th, 2011
When Characters Go Wild

I’m sorry I’ve been quiet, but I have been having the mother of all battles with my characters in Atlantean’s Quest Book Two: Exodus. See, I have this small problem. They will NOT stop shagging. Yep, you read that right. These particular characters would rather shag than do anything else. I’ve lost track of how many love scenes there are in this book. LOST TRACK. Yeah, there are that many. It now looks like a red and black pen (I ran out of ink twice) has exploded in my manuscript. I’m to the point where I don’t even know if the story makes sense anymore. Fortunately, I have two guinea pigs friends who have volunteered to read it when I’m done. I just hope they’re still my friends when it’s over. I haven’t had this much trouble with a book since 2005. 🙁

On the plus side, I just got a look at my new covers for Atlantean’s Quest 3: Redemption, Atlantean Heat, Tears of Amun, and Heat of the Night. They are so pretty. I cannot wait to share them with you all. 🙂

I’m off to Vegas on Sunday. Suddenly I’m in the mood for a little Sinatra.

4 comments to “When Characters Go Wild”

  1. The characters dueling around in my head are definitely not as entertaining as yours. 🙂

    Good luck in Vegas!

  2. You’re coming to my fair :snort: city?! Cool 🙂

    Take a whip to those characters? 🙂 If you need another guinea pig, I’ll volunteer.

  3. Bernard, LOL! I wish mine were entertaining. At this point, they’re just pissing me off. *ggg

    Thanks! I plan to work while I’m there and hopefully catch a show. I don’t really gamble, so that leaves that out.

  4. Sherri, Yes, I’m coming to your fair ‘neon’ city. 😉

    I’m taking a cleaver to them at present. A whip is not nearly strong enough. LOL!

    Thank you! I appreciate it.