May 21st, 2011
Movies I’ve Seen Lately

In the past couple of days, I have seen THE BRIDESMAIDS and PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN:ON STRANGE TIDES. The only reason I went to see THE BRIDESMAIDS was because of the buzz I kept hearing online. For once I’m glad that I listened. Bridesmaids was a delightful, funny, gross, funny, cringe-worthy, funny, well-written movie. In parts, it reminded me of the Bachelor Party. There are a lot of sight gags that had men and women belly laughing. For as much as the movie comes off as a chick flick in the previews, it really is so much more than that. The dialogue is fantastic. You have to listen closely because there’s so much funny stuff being said. Like the Bachelor Party movie, there are things in The Bridesmaids that really will have you cringing. If it’s possible for a secondary character to steal the show, then Melissa McCarthy from Mike & Molly and the Gilmore Girls does so. Her comedy in this movie is pure genius. When I found out her real life husband plays one of the characters, it made a couple of the scenes in the movie even more funny. It has strong language and there were certainly some questionable scenes in the movie, but even so, I would highly recommend this film for both men and women.

Now onto PIRATES…I know this movie was made to make up for the last Pirate’s film. It does a bit, but seemed to spend more time ripping itself off than anything else. It was like someone decided there were certain scenes from the Pirates’ movies that needs to be in every film and so that’s what they did, which would’ve been fine if they’d have run with the interesting story premise. As you can tell from the previews, the film revolves around the hunt for the fountain of youth. There are three groups searching for it: The Pirates, The English, and the Spaniards. Each have their own motivations for making the journey. On the trip, they encounter mermaids and for Jack, Blackbeard, who was perfectly cast, but didn’t get a chance to really shine. This PIRATE’S film isn’t a bad movie per se. Like THOR, it had all the elements it should have, but the heart was missing. If you’re a PIRATE’s fan, I’d still recommend seeing it…but it does make me long for the first film.

Next weekend I’ll be traveling to PHOENIX COMICON. I’m scheduled to participate on several panels. If you’re in the area, stop by and say hello. Personally, I’m hoping to meet Leonard Nimoy and Stan Lee though there are several others that would be pretty cool.

6 comments to “Movies I’ve Seen Lately”

  1. I thought Pirates was worth sitting through, and considering how pregnant I am, that’s saying something. *g* I still think the first one’s the best. But they’re all good fun.

  2. Charli, I enjoyed it well enough. I think it’s worth seeing. 🙂

  3. I loved Bridesmaids. (also blogged about it today). Haven’t seen Pirates yet. Will probably wait to rent it.

  4. Sasha, I’ll check out your post. Pirates is fun enough.

  5. thank you for reviewing pirates, i actually want to see that eventually. i will actually be at phoenix comic con as well and will be moderating ur panels: fairy tales for the 21st century, getting the word out,and being a newbie writer.i look forward to meeting u and the other excited to me adam baldwin and see aaron douglas again.

  6. Brenda, Very cool. I look forward to meeting you.

    I loved Adam on Firefly and he’s fun on Chuck. Is Aaron one of the guys who created Eureka?